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Not Recommended for Grunts – The .959 Rifle

Sometimes you need something with some uumph. In the summer of 1914 an older British volunteer is said to have knocked a German aircraft down with a mounted 2-gauge fowling piece. Correia’s Owen Pitt used a custom Saiga to go after dangerous prey and Buettner’s Jazen Parker a HATT to do the same thing. Authors are going to need to consider this now.

It’s a .959 caliber rifle; 2,400 grain $40 bullet driven by 240 grains of powder.

Read about it over on BOLO Report.

12 Responses to “Not Recommended for Grunts – The .959 Rifle”

  1. mpower6428 says:

    we just found our new M4 carbine replacement…. in toon town.

  2. Corsair8X says:

    What strikes me is that some of these guys were pretty big guys and they still got kicked back like that. Impressive.

  3. reverend says:

    10X the recoil of a .30-06, did I hear that right? HOLY (fill in with your own expletive)

  4. Reptar says:

    I need this caliber in a 3-shot revolver.

  5. John M. Denny says:

    So they found a way to make plinking a challenge…

  6. Alan says:

    Another example of “Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”


    .50 Cal is about the largest,practical, Infantry Sniper rifle you can field.

  7. Orion307 says:

    Absolutely ridiculous but cool. Give a redneck enough idle time and some knowledge in machinery and this is the result.

  8. Christian says:

    I want to see video the of the rounds impacting the target.

  9. Tim Thomas says:

    Then new and improved pursuit inderdiction devise…!

    Foe those runaway Oldsmobiles…!

  10. Brian Muoio says:

    This gun was actually made to take down BIG FOOT!
    I also want to see what it can penetrate. Armor truck for starters would be cool to see it go through both sides.