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The Weapon As Art

‘The Weapon As Art’, or at least I hope that is what they are going for. Phase 5 Tactical created this pimped out AR-style pistol for urban clothier Illest. Phase 5 is only building 10 of the limited edition Illest PDWs so the chance of running across one at your next street race is pretty slim.

According to an article on the urban lifestyle website by Phase 5 owner Ken Montes, “This very limited, Illest/Phase 5 CQC Pistol showcases the Illest lifestyle blended with Phase 5 Tactical’s ability to bring life to a dream.”

Now, don’t be hatin’. SSD is fully behind responsible gun ownership, even if we don’t get the practicality of a blinged gat. If anything, the Illest PDW is an interesting amalgamation of the ‘Fast n Furious’ and Black Rifles subcultures.

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13 Responses to “The Weapon As Art”

  1. Matt says:

    Filed under “WTF?” indeed.

  2. Lex says:

    well if your into that sort of thing…..

  3. IronCactus says:

    Since that “art” was built on a pistol registered lower, it is now an illegal sbr with that afg mounted. I look forward to seeing the Illest prison art.

  4. sten says:

    the AFG is not considered an actually VFG

    • Craig says:

      Correct, there is a ATF decision letter floating around stating just that. Now, if it happens to be in CA or some other state with retarded gun laws, the state DOJ/ AG might not see the same way. Sad if you ask me.

  5. Rich flashy people like guns too.

  6. mooch says:

    Remember when Land Rover stopped making useful vehicles and sold out to hip-hop punks & thugs? …This reminds me of that.

  7. Slant7 says:

    quick edit; it’s, not Flatlace.

    anyways, I couldn’t shake my head any harder. This is a shame..

  8. crazyrico says:

    To the people calling this ridiculous, or blaming hip-hop; it’s really no different from and engraved gold plate on your gun showing a dog flushing birds or a deer grazing. It still took a skilled craftsperson days if not weeks of work. Sure, it’s not a functional modification, but neither is all the carved ivory on some truly beautiful museum pistols.

    • Ken Montes says:

      Thanks Crazyrico,

      I cant understand why people freak out over simple graphics. I thank you for your proper thinking. You dont need to like it, but I can tell you are smarter than most on here!

  9. Drenman says:

    Hmmnnnn……illegal for my state, oddly enough called the “Constitution State” which doesn’t let you practice your Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms, as many others do as well (at least it’s not The People’s Republic of California)….Like them or not, many, many weapons have an incredible artistic aesthetic. AR15s being such a weapons system. Just start pouring over stickmans photography skills, and tell me some of those shots are not beautiful.

    Form follows function, I’d like one-cause I can’t have a post ban AR pistol, but I’m not so sure I’m digging the “Art” in this one.

    All of you got here by mistake, and think gunrights are bad, try going down to your local PD, filling out a form authorizing a back ground check, getting fingerprinted, having those sent to FBI for national check, then waiting months, and months, and months……to get a permit to use your “Free Speech” Doesn’t sound so “Free” does it?

    Think about it.

    • Ken Montes says:

      Amen brother! We all need to vote in every election, starting with our local cities and county elections.

  10. Ken Montes says:

    The owner of Fatlace is a great friend of mine. He wanted a personalized gun and we gave him one! I think everyone talks the tough talk about what is needed or a waste or not tactical, but most nay sayers are really full of @#@!. SO some are saying it is cool to laser etch the same stupid pirate flag on you gun like every other guy but if it is a logo you have not seen before or if it is not a skull, people call it a shame?
    Shut the hell up! Go find some thing useful to do. Think about what you are saying you cool guys! It is only graphics! If Mr. Bad guy breaks into my house at night and i shoot him with my wife’s 45 ACP that has powder pink grips the outcome is no different! Some of you guys don’t make any sense at all. You dont need to like it, hell I don’t think that some of us need to wear camo fatigues to go to Starbucks but you do anyway. I respect everyones opinion