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SPECOPS.PL Reveals New Uniform

SPECOPS.PL shared some photos of their new MBS-2 uniform with us. Currently manufactured for Polish SF troops in Afghanistan, it features a stronger construction and modified cargo pockets with special mounting for the wz.93 assault knife, issued to most Polish soldiers. Additionally, the field dressing pouch has been moved forward, and the calf zippers are simplified. According to SPECOPS.PL, the uniform is made from NYCO in MULTICAM, PENCOTT, OLIVE, BLACK and KHAKI.

They also included their ZMKT-2 integrated Quick Release vest. It features two soft ballistic inserts, standard is BALCS, but since in Poland there is no one set soft-armor shape, they can modify the vest to suit the customer’s soft armor inserts. The ZMKT-2 vest can carry two large SAPI front-back plates as well as two side SAPI plates.



11 Responses to “SPECOPS.PL Reveals New Uniform”

  1. Kendog says:

    Some interesting ideas, wonder if their was a lot of soldier input on this uniform though?? Open pockets on the trousers, hmmm. And is that an Australian Army Rising Sun badge on the shoulder pocket?

    • Dev says:

      Yes, it appears to be a Rising Sun…

      There’s a whole page on the specops.pl website dedicated to the ADF for some reason. I can’t read Polish, so maybe someone who could can chime in.

      Also, is that shirt FR?

      • Krzysztof (Chris) says:

        Kangur (pol. kangaroo) had emigrated from communistic Poland (or was already born in Australia) and they acheived Ozzie citizenship. He joined Army Cadets and then regular Army. In 1990s he came back to Poland. He was still interested in military, so started a vortal, then forum and finally established a Specops Sp. z o.o. (Specops Ltd.)

      • Mark says:

        Owner is former ADF soldier.

  2. ralf says:


  3. Gary says:

    Nice! Is that a mag pouch on his left shoulder?

  4. crusader says:

    were are the knee padร‚ยดs like crye and Ur had?

  5. Mark says:


    The pockets on the back have velcro closure – may not be visible on the pictures.

    ADF badge – I used to serve back in the day in the ADF, so that is there just as a joke. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The shirt is made from POLARTEC DryFire and the trousers made from NYCO – however we also manufacture an FR version which is made from 100% Defender-M – same as US uniforms.

    English version of the main site:


  6. BS says:

    It’s Polartec Power Dry FR in the torso ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Dev says:

    Thanks for the info and other bits.

    Rising sun is on the wrong arm though =P

  8. Aleksander says:

    Polish issued military knife is called wz. 98 not wz. 93 (it’s extremely shitty BTW). Wz.93 is a Polish camouflage (typically called “Pantera”)