High Ground Gear 5.56 Admin Pouch

The High Ground Gear 5.56 Admin Pouch consists of two M4 Mag pouches with an ultra-thin admin pocket tucked away behind. It opens forward to reveal a laminated Battlemap pocket as well as 3 pencil / grease-pencil webbing loops. It also integrates a PDA/iPhone pocket. It can be quickly closed and secured via Velcro but for extra security each side of the panel features a zipper closure.

Available in MultiCam, Tan, Coyote, UCP, and Ranger Green. Made in USA!


4 Responses to “High Ground Gear 5.56 Admin Pouch”

  1. Buckaroomedic says:

    That’s a really good idea. Kind of like a HSGI Admin pouch with built-in mag pouches. Should be easy to integrate into an already crowded rig or carrier.

  2. Jimmy Bonez says:

    Hm was somewhere here…sec…hm hm…. got it…
    Very similar concept…

  3. Reseremb says:

    Jimmy, I think HGG 5.56 Admin Pouch main difference with that admin pouch from Combat Kit (and most other admin pouchs out there) is that it doesn’t have those annoying straps to keep the pouch stable.

    Apart from their magazine shingles, HGG is one of the most “out of the box” companies right now… just look at HG830, or their HG Plate Carrier.

  4. mike says:

    High Ground is good gear made in American by Americans. Ben and Brendan are just the coolest guys and they know their gear and they know their manufacturing. They take advice and are constantly taking input from the guys using this stuff the hardest and turning than input into improvements.