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Russians Inspect Soldato Futuro

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Col. Sergei Vlasov said on Monday, “A military delegation, headed by Deputy Commander of the Russian Ground Forces Lt. Gen. Nikolai Bogdanovsky, is on a three-day working visit to Italy to exchange experience in the development of combat gear.”

According to RIA Novosti, Russian officials are going to inspect versions of the Italian Forza NEC system in both field and static display conditions. The system is manufactured by a consortium of five companies led by Selex Communications and includes a Larimart computer using a standard 4-inch touch-screen for command and control, GPS and GIS. Additionally, there is a protection component with body armor featuring stab protection and protection against 9-mm rounds as well as a helmet with two visor options; bullet-proof and frag protective. Also included are laser protective goggles. Finally, the clothing component is FR and offers CBRNE options. However, it is not expected that the Russian delegation will expect much interest in the Italian ARX-160 rifle.

Once again, this is very much a NATO ‘Starship Troopers” program and not the first time that the Russian military has expressed interest in NATO Soldier Modernization Programs. Just a year ago, they expressed interest in purchasing copies of the French FELIN system. Their goal is to launch a domestic Russian program in the near future.

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5 Responses to “Russians Inspect Soldato Futuro”

  1. B200 says:

    Nice plan buy every copy out there and get only what is good for you to use. Without going through the drudgery of developing it from scratch.

  2. bushman says:

    They just looking for most expensive variant to steal more money on buying/re-developing/producing.

    • B200 says:

      Isn’t that China’s business model? :))

      • bushman says:

        I think, it was invented independently…
        For example, some R&D companies trying to made GLONASS+GPS device for years (something like DAGR), spending lots of money, while officers (in special forces) are equipped with Garmin devices. Price was 3x or 4x comparing to regular retail.
        Or just look at website. It’s “R&D” company, offering military-grade computers with their own brand. But it’s just Amrel devices with branding. How much money did they “borrowed” while saying “we developed and produced it by ourself”?

        • SSD says:

          Pravda reported today that there is a homegrown Russian Future Soldier system called “warrior.”