MilSpec Monkey SHOT Follow-Up

Anyone that does the media tour of SHOT Show will tell you how overwhelming it can be, and how much information that will stack up. Our friend Milspec Monkey has uploaded some more material from his 2012 SHOT Show sortie.He advises that it was “…even slower than usual, but making sure to get the media on up. Shotshow went overall smooth this year, no crazy rainstorms and better wireless service. Scored a cold as usual from the handshake factory, but thems just part of the experience at this point. Summary words of the show, I’d say: Light-Weight and Zombies. Check out my YouTube channel for the usual pile, made it all the way up to 3 cameras this year…”

He also advised there’s a new gallery up by his “ol’ buddy Pye.”

Here’s one of the videos from his channel, an interview with Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics.

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3 Responses to “MilSpec Monkey SHOT Follow-Up”

  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    Since this video is posted here I’ll go ahead and drop a PSA. The VTAC Varr belt will only be available while supplies last. From what I’ve heard there are about 75 belts for each size and color excluding Multicam which will not be made. Once the supplies run out, that’s it! They will be gone! So, get one while you can If you want one. The reason VTAC decided to stop production is because Jake from Ares Gear noticed that the Varr was very similar to his Ranger Belt. Even though Kyle didn’t know of the Ranger Belt design prior to developing the Varr belt, he still decided it would be best to stop production of new Varr belts. Kyle Lamb is a stand up guy and didn’t want anyone to get confused or think that he “stole” someone else’s design.

    On the Varr belt. I have one and I love it! It’s NOT a gun belt but its great for those times when you wanna where a Battle Belt over it or you just want the Cobra Belt design when you’re not wearing any gear or a gun.