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For The Ladies – Name that Combat Flipflop

That’s right, Combat Flipflops has designed a model specifically for the ladies and they are looking for your help in naming it.

To enter, visit www.facebook.com/pages/Combat-Flipflops. Like them and then go to the photo page and give them your entry in the comments block. You’d better hurry because they are going to pick a name on Monday. The bast name will get a pair of the FlipFlops when they come out.

DON’T put your entries here.

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5 Responses to “For The Ladies – Name that Combat Flipflop”

  1. Johnny B says:

    I don’t know aboout this one, but make one that’s two-tone tan/coyote, replace the grenade with a palm tree, and call it the “Camel Toe”

  2. Larken21601 says:

    Flip, Flop, BOOM

  3. SSD says:

    You guys do realize that the entries have to be on their Facebook page right?