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22% Of Your EDC Should be SureFire

GQ magazine published a story entitled ‘Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets‘. As it turns out, two of the nine items are from SureFire. Since the other items aren’t SureFire, we won’t bother mentioning them, but it’s a worthy read nonetheless.


Stay classy, SureFire!

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6 Responses to “22% Of Your EDC Should be SureFire”

  1. Mike says:

    22% of the items in your pocket should cost more than, and have no discernible differences from, many other items on the market. On an up-note I can dust off the Surefire stuff I have and make myself GQ by putting them in my pocket!

  2. Ian Wendt says:

    Classy, like using the biggest tradeshow of the year to file suits against a whole bunch of competitors? Nifty.

  3. JP says:

    The day I need a comb is the day I’m three weeks or more overdue for a haircut. What situation am I in on a day-to-day basis that I can’t stop in the pub for a drink should I decide to? Nailclippers? What metrosexual d-bag came up with this list? Why is this list on this blog? Two of my too-many lights are Surefire, but I sure as hell don’t need to carry one with me at all times, and when I do carry one it isn’t the Surefire.

  4. Alex B says:

    I carry a surefire daily. I suppose I can replace the nail clippers and comb with a pistol and spare mag. I have a great EDC knife and it sure as shit wasn’t 455 dollars, like that surefire, although that looks like a damn nice knife.

  5. Nick the Brit says:

    Wow, that dude must have some big ass pockets!!! I will say, I do always carry my trusty old 6P in the truck with me (but I have a pelican on my vest so go figure…)

  6. Oneoops31 says:

    So now I can feel cool now GQ thinks it’s cool. I have had a SF light in my pocket or pack for 2 decades, and I rotate between a Strider or SF Knife in the other pocket along with a SF Pen 1. SF is the benchmark for tactical flashlights and when they brought Steve on board they definately put themselves up there on the list of quality knife makers.