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US Army Seeking Sources for Protective Over Garment

Product Manager – Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE) has issued a Sources Sought Notice for companies capable of producing the Tier II – Protective Over Garment (POG). Actually, this name is some what of a misnomer as it envisions a CBRNE garment rather than what it truly is; the outer component to the Pelvic Protection System which is used in conjunction with the Tier 1 Protective Under Garment (PUG).

According to the RFI, “The POG is worn over the Army Combat Uniform trousers and provides protection of the pelvis, femoral arteries, and lower abdominal organs in a blast or fragmentation event. The POG will also reduce the penetration of dirt and fine debris into a wound area to prevent infections.

For those of you unfamiliar with PPS, there are several variants currently in use from a variety of manufacturers.

At a minimum, the Tier II Protective Over Garment (POG):

– Shall consist of three (3) distinct areas of ballistic protection to provide an optimum balance of protection and mobility. The front section shall provide at least 69 in2 of ballistic protection, the center section shall fit between the legs and provide at least 50 in2 of ballistic protection, and rear section shall provide at least 52 in2 of ballistic protection for a size medium system.

– Front and rear sections shall provide ballistic protection which conforms to the base vest requirements of FQ/PD 07-05E. Center section shall provide ballistic resistance (V50) of at least 1120 ft/s against 17gr Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP). Wherever there is no continuous ballistic material, a minimum 1 in. overlap shall be maintained to prevent gaps in coverage.

– Front, center, and rear ballistic materials shall be removable/replaceable.

– Ballistic filler areal density of front and rear sections shall not exceed 1.10 lb/ft2 with a maximum 0.30 in. thickness. Ballistic filler weight of center section shall not exceed 0.40 lb/ft2 with a maximum 0.10 in. thickness.

– Shall provide a secure fastening mechanism to prevent flapping or shifting during use. The system shall be compatible with currently fielded personal protective equipment and combat uniform and shall attach either to the body armor and/or the belt loops of the trousers.

– Front section shall be capable of being disconnected from the center/rear section and worn as a standalone item, with the option of fastening to the belt or Improved Outer Tactical Vest. Shall provide a secure fastening mechanism to prevent flapping or shifting during use.

– Attachment point(s) connecting the front section to center section must be able to withstand a peak load of 150 lbs break strength in accordance with ASTM D-5043

– Attachment points/seams connecting the rear panel to center section must be able to withstand a peak load of 600 lbs break strength in accordance with ASTM D-5043

– Shall be capable of donning and doffing without removing the belt from the Army Combat Uniform trousers

– Must be available in multiple sizes to fit 5th percentile female through 95th percentile male waist circumference.

– Outer facing cloth shall be constructed with the following camouflage pattern: US Army Operational Enduring Freedom Camouflage Pattern (OCP)

This is a short turn around on this Request for Information. Interested parties must reply no later than 4:00 pm eastern standard time on Wednesday, April 11 2012.

15 Responses to “US Army Seeking Sources for Protective Over Garment”

  1. Reseremb says:

    So…POG will be all day near the junk of infantry guys? Waiting for Marines jokes…

  2. Nick the Brit says:

    My nuts hurt just thinking about it…

  3. Tactical Cod piece! reminds me of Cameo “Word UP!”

  4. Bob says:

    Reminds me of the deltoid protectors, and the nape protectors, and the collar protectors, and all of the other cobbled together pieces of kit Joe is supposed to deal with on patrol. Most of the time that crap gets ditched outside the wire anyway to help with mobility.

  5. straps says:

    That’s been an area of the body that warriors have sought to protect (codpieces of all compositions–from leather to steel and everything in between) as others have sought to exploit.

    There is a short list of body parts that I’d REALLY hate to lose in a fight and that’s near the top. And this isn’t even getting into the vascular density of the area. As pointed out, the challenge is to make it light enough–and comfortable enough–to be used properly.

    That Crye is in this process truly raises the bar.

    And @ Reseremb the Marines are fully commited to a solution themselves. I don’t know the lineage or evolution of this program or its players but I do remember the early early discussion of this protective gear dsicussed the Marine effort heavily.

    • Reseremb says:

      straps, I’ve following all things related to pelvic/balls protection, and believe me, is a part of myself I won’t let any doctor to amputate in the worst scenario. I know USMC get interested in the Brits groin protection, just pointing at the “POG” name 😉

  6. Class03180S says:

    I wore the tier 1/tier 2 system when attached to the British Infantry in Helmand. Wasn’t nearly as bad as it looks like it would be. Plus I personally saw it save 2 guy’s lives. To me it’s absolutly worth some minor discomfort and a few extra ounces. On a dismounted patrols I wore every scrap of Kevlar I could find…why wouldn’t you? This system is LONG overdue for US troops.

  7. Jey says:

    So, US Army is adopting a “armor pants”, already used by Brits?

  8. Aaron says:

    Sorry but I’m not restricting my mobility…the compression shorts are a great idea, the hard cup…obviously somebody doesn’t go on any humps.

  9. Strike-Hold! says:

    Aaron – I think the point is to protect your bits so that you can keep on humping…. 😉

  10. High Ground says:

    There was an article a week or so ago in Tom Rick’s Best Defense blog in Foreign Policy online magazine about soldiers who suffered permanent trauma…in the groin area. The stories the guys and their spouses told were heartbreaking, so these protective under & over garments are a great idea.

  11. Daggertx says:

    A guy in my brother’s units was awarded the silver star for helping evac casualties in the midst of being ambushed, this was shortly after his left nut was shot off. I am sure he would have like the option of having some of this gear available.

  12. Jim says:

    Why not just buy our (British) proven groin protection? Yet another case of re-inventing the wheel?

  13. Lupe says:

    Do you provide quotes for companies?