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GLOCK OD and FDE Comparison

We’ve had a couple of requests for some photos comparing GLOCK’s new Flat Dark Earth color with the original Olive Drab.

Here you can see from left to right, FDE Gen 4 G21 (notice the Black backstrap), OD Gen 3 G17, and FDE Gen 4 G17.

The new FDE GLOCKs are available exclusively through Lipsey’s and their dealer network.

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5 Responses to “GLOCK OD and FDE Comparison”

  1. Tim Thomas says:

    It may be that Lipsey’s is already shipping to local gun shops, as I have seen them popping up in a local establishment over the last several weeks…

  2. Riceball says:

    I hate to be all negative but those pictures suck, you can’t tell one color from the other, they’re all in serious need of color correction. Were those pictures taken with a cell phone or something because the color cast makes the OD look more like brown than any shade of green.

    • SSD says:

      Apparently you aren’t familiar with the ‘OD’ color from GLOCK. It’s never looked green.

      • Riceball says:

        You’re right, I’m not familiar with Glock’s version of OD. Still, the color cast in the photos are truly awful and don’t really do much for comparing one color to the other. I’ve tried color correcting one of the pics and while it’s not perfect it does show the colors much better, if you want I can send this pic to you as well as attempt to color correct the other one.