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Off Duty – Ministry of Supply

An Introduction to Ministry of Supply from Ministry of Supply on Vimeo.

Ministry of Supply is a business that’s been characterized as “Under Armor meets Polo.” Founded by five MIT students, Ministry of Supply was born after a board member got fed up with feeling sweaty and uncomfortable after long, redeye Transatlantic flights. The most logical answer? Integrate performance fabrics into classic business attire. And with that, the Agent shirt was born. Along the way they conducted some analysis on how the human body moves along with some market research and also developed a seamless undershirt.

Branding was easy. Big fans of the 007 series, they named their company after the real life Q’s wartime posting.

Thanks to Ministry of Supply who are offering SSD readers 23% off all shirts by using the discount code SOLDIER at checkout. We know a lot of you guys have to wear collared shirts on the job so give it a shot.



7 Responses to “Off Duty – Ministry of Supply”

  1. swiss says:

    155$ for the combo shirt and t-shirt… Logical product, wonder how it will live up to their claims.. if so, very cool.

  2. Kit Hickey says:

    Thanks so much for featuring us, and, for all the reader support so far! We really appreciate it. (And, yes, our shirts do live up to our claims) Please use the discount code SOLDIER for 23% off all shirts. Kit (Co-Founder)

    • SSD says:

      Thank you very much! We appreciate your support. Quite a few of our readers are required to wear collared shirts and sport coats as part of their duty ‘uniform.’ Usually it’s in a pretty nasty place.

  3. UlfBjorn says:

    Looks like a great idea.

    Kit, do you guys plan to introduce slacks in the near future?

  4. Buckaroomedic says:

    If I’m going to spend $129 on a dress shirt, I want it to fit my neck size and arm length. Not in generic small through XXL.

  5. @ ULfBjorn,

    Kevin here from Ministry of Supply. We’d love to do slacks and are currently in research mode. Ideally, we can do some early releases this fall. If you want to hear what we’re up to (no spam, we promise), feel free to follow us on our newsletter (subscribe on the bottom left of ministryofsupply.com)

    Thanks again for the interest – we really appreciate it.

    @ Buckaroomedic,
    Yup – we totally understand. We’ve started with standard sizes since we’re so early, and it’s nice because our shirts have a little bit of stretch to accomodate different sizing. That said, later on – we’d love to do a line with collar-sleeve length sizing, so thanks a ton for that feedback.

    To talk to a real person, feel free to call us at 617.651.2340

    Thanks again everybody,

  6. George says:

    Too bad the buy it now link isn’t working… Might want to check that guys.

    I would like to see actual numerical sizes too. Medium means different things to different people.