McMillan Takes BoA to the Woodshed

I’d venture to say that anyone who ever got stuck using a government travel card issued by Bank of America has a few choice words for them. But now, firearm manufacturer McMillan Group International has an even better reason for you to consider any relationship you might have with Bank of America. The following was posted on their Facebook wall on Friday and went viral over the weekend.

McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing, McMillan Group International have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years. Today Mr. Ray Fox, Senior Vice President, Market Manager, Business Banking, Global Commercial Banking came to my office. He scheduled the meeting as an “account analysis” meeting in order to evaluate the two lines of credit we have with them. He spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories.
At this point I interrupted him and asked “Can I possible save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business you no longer what my business.”
“That is correct” he says.
I replied “That is okay, we will move our accounts as soon as possible. We can find a 2nd Amendment friendly bank that will be glad to have our business. You won’t mind if I tell the NRA, SCI and everyone one I know that BofA is not firearms industry friendly?”
“You have to do what you must” he said.
“So you are telling me this is a politically motivated decision, is that right?”
Mr Fox confirmed that it was. At which point I told him that the meeting was over and there was nothing let for him to say.

I think it is import for all Americans who believe in and support our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms should know when a business does not support these rights. What you do with that knowledge is up to you. When I don’t agree with a business’ political position I can not in good conscience support them. We will soon no longer be accepting Bank of America credit cards as payment for our products.

Kelly D McMillan
Director of Operations
McMillan Group International, LLC

SSD would like to echo the sentiments above. If you value the second amendment, strongly consider what companies you do business with, especially banks.

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39 Responses to “McMillan Takes BoA to the Woodshed”

  1. Buckaroomedic says:

    This is interesting news. Over here on Ramstein AFB, the Community Bank is BOA. So, BOA doesn’t support constitutional rights, but will take the money of active duty service members? Sounds a little hypocritical if you ask me . . . .

    • Joe says:

      McMillan made it up. I’m an OEF veteran that just got hired by the bank for “serving my country honorably”. We have a ton of huge name weapons manufacturers. This company is sore about something confidential.

  2. John says:

    To bad BoA bought my home morgage. I stopped doing business with them decades ago when they had a different name. It’s usually easy to get a conservative friend to switch banks.

  3. Alex says:

    Damn, looks like I need to switch banks soon…

  4. Greg says:

    I would be interested to know what bank they ultimately select.

  5. FormerSFMedic says:

    This situation seems like it’s not going to go well for BofA. I talked to a number of gun owners that said they will no longer use BofA. Further more, BattleComp, McMillan, Hilton Yam, and others have already stated that they are either going to or have already stopped accepting BofA credit cards. On Friday, BofA stock went down 4.7%. I wonder why? LMFAO!

  6. MarkM says:

    This will be an interesting political battle in the hallways of Justice, and eventually someone will point out that BoA cannot continue the policy legally or in good conscience. The application of policy in other quarters will become anathema. I suspect a senior executive will be labeled the point man for esculpatory resignation and the Board take corrective action. After all is said and done, it will cost them money, and they don’t like losing money.

    Also note that BoA won’t likely quit using armed security. Hypocrites.

  7. Ben Branam says:

    I’m impressed. McMillan will no longer take BoA cards. That is really cool. This is just a other reason to get away from them. I’d much rather do business with McMillan then BoA.

    They will lose money on the deal. The problem is if it’s too much the government will just bail them out again. BoA as a company is too close to a manopoly and holds too much of the country’s eealth to stay. For the security of our nation them and the other 3 major banks that took bail out money should be broken into smaller banks.

  8. TomasoTomasodesig says:


    Even if they do an about face policaly it’s still their core thought……….and that’s not going to change, even if they say it will.

    They will say and seem to do anything that profits them.

  9. Dan says:

    While this doesnt directly affect me (not being American), it does as an ‘Allied’ McMillian End User. I guess BOA are saying they don’t support a company that provides, in part or in whole, a long range system that is being deployed by both US and Allied partners; which kind of sounds like BOA is saying they don’t really support US and Allied troops, because they dont want to have anything to do with the company who’s components and rifles are right now, deployed in a number of places!

  10. scottoworn says:

    Twenty five years ago BoA was in the news as being anti Second Amendment so I left them then and have never used them since.May they go bankrupt and disappear for the good of this country.

  11. Mccreight29 says:

    I have not banked with them for a few years but know soldiers who do. As an avid gun collector I will not patronize a bank that does not support gun ownership. USAA for me!

    • Sumitch says:

      I don’t bank with them and if I ever considered it, I’d quickly remember this move. As regards USAA, my car insurance and credit card is through them. They stood with me during an ugly divorce when I was stone cold broke. They directed me to a great supplemental insurance company as well. If I had any money worth them going through the cost of printing the monthly statement, I’d be with them for banking. Other car insurers just give up when they ask me who has my auto insurance and I tell them USAA. Any Vet should consider doing business with them. They are brothers in the sun.

  12. Chris says:

    It’s this thought process that will continue to erode your economy and what America used to be about. Very sad.

  13. Phil says:

    Banks in general destroy things and steal money from their customers in much more effective and profitable ways than you are able to do with firearms on a person to person level…i’d call it fiscal violence.

    The hypocrisy of any major bank saying they don’t agree with an industry while they commit crimes against their own customers is astounding. How many violent crimes–murder, murder/suicide, suicide by cop–have taken place because BofA destroyed the lives of their customers?

    Find a local credit union.

  14. Chris says:

    So BofA’s practice of illegal foreclosures, mortgage fraud, charging predatory fees, lobbying to have government payment put on BofA’s charge cards instead of check so they can get a cut of unemployment benefits isn’t egregious enough to drive off patriotic and upstanding McMillan but this is over the top. I’m glad mcMillan has their priorities straight.

  15. walter shumate says:

    Thank you for posting this news!

  16. john says:

    Boycott the bastards.

  17. NC says:

    My Bank of America accounts are closed!

  18. Devon Johsnon says:

    I’ll give you a great reason to not GO INSIDE BoA as a previous armed security contract guard for BoA in NORTH ST. LOUIS we had standing orders to never go inside the bank to investigate anything including disturbances, no intervening and take no action. We were allowed to be witnesses and call 911 only. (I am a Police Officer as well)I took a photo of the policy becuase it was this ridiculous. I stood there for weeks watchinh the intense level of dissatisfaction from their customers. I will never bank there for there foolish policies outlandish fees and absolute lack of customer safety.

  19. K' says:

    BoA is a horrible bank to begin with. They’ve done some pretty horrid things to average account holders, in some cases, some who didn’t even hold accounts with BoA. This is just another BoA blunder.

  20. D-dog says:

    Ironic that they call themselves the bank of America.

  21. John says:

    Like I even needed another reason to switch… I need to find a good local credit union. Thanks for the added motivation to do so.

  22. sabina says:

    Yup time to switch,

  23. I am a McMillan customer and a dyed in the wool second ammendment supporter but I don’t buy it. I know the big corporate mindset too well and they would never tell him the truth if in fact that is the real reason they wanted to stop doing business with him.

    The suits that run B of A and by extension their shareholders are concerned about two things, profit and market share, and I don’t think that they would risk a reduction in either by taking this kind of controversial stand even if in their private offices that is what they believe ( and I don’t doubet for a minute that they do) they are not that principled. They would simply give some MBA/CPA/JD BS excuse for pulling out of the relationship, go back to the office and never give it another thought.

    • Reverend says:

      I beg to differ H.O. I have seen some banks do political movements to support a particular side because the benefits from that side being in power makes them money in the end.

      As to shareholders, and customers? They couldn’t care less when guv’mint types are giving them credit card business, processing political donations, and giving credit extensions.

      Tim Kaine when running for the governor’s seat in Virginia needed a credit extension, Bank of America gave him $32 MILLION for his MAILING LIST! Let’s see a small business get a credit line on a non-tangible as that!

      Banc Oz Amerika also process the donations for both Obama Campaigns. Yeah. Summation right there brotha.

    • SSD says:

      I understand where you are coming from, but why would McMillan lie about this? Have you asked that question?

  24. Don Burdick says:

    I do not bank with BofA, I guess I’m pretty happy that I do not. This is a US corporation that obviously can not support the Constitution of our country. Good riddance!

  25. Bill b says:

    B of a seems just to keep stumbling along giving more rights to the third world customers and turning its policies against the american consumer

  26. Mike says:

    Hi , I stopped in Roswell , NM and asked the BOA Manager there if they dont want the business of people with Firearms or manufacturing or anything ass, He said that was the first he has heard about?? another fellow came up and in a kinda low voice told the manager that he had seen the e-mails on the subject. So On MONDAY I didnt get any answer on that day, I told him I would stop back by on Thursday to see where they stood on the matter. and so thats all I know from this Branch. Has anybody else in differant parts of the USA with BOA accounts stopped in to ask about this ???? thanks Mike

  27. wolf1948 says:

    ex nam era vet I am gone, going to another bank. guys I am not a gun nut I do hunt and I did teach American government. This is a quote: I can’t remember all the words it was a speech in 1932 when a country took guns away from the people. We must eliminate all guns the gansters are killing are citizens and our society is in turmoil. ADOLF HITLER. OH! I am a Democratic. lol

  28. All I know is that it doesn’t make any sense. There are 40 to 50 million gun owners in the US and they are a strong, well organized and active constituency. Why would B of A or any big corporation go out of its way to risk offending a customer group that big and vocal?

    Furthermore, I work with these management level corporate types every day, telling the truth is not exactly their strong suit and neither is confrontation so I can’t imagine the banker admitting to his face, in his own office that is the reason why the bank was dumping them. And, do you think that bank leadership would really make a distinction between manufacturing gun stocks and guns? Gun stocks are OK but guns are not? Sorry, I don’t get it.

    As for why someone would tell a story like this if it weren’t true, I don’t know and won’t speculate.

    However, if this is true I will stop doing business with Bank of America myself.

  29. Sumitch says:

    For what it’s worth, if not with USAA, check out Chase. Free checking to Vets. Not worth the vacation in Nam, but better than BOA.

  30. Soapy says:

    From BoA Facebook page:

    We want to let you know that we hear your comments and questions regarding one of our customers. While we cannot discuss the details of any individual client we work with, we can assure you the allegations being made here are completely false. Bank of America does not have a policy that prohibits us from banking clients in this industry. In fact, we have numerous, longstanding customers in the industry.

    We are also extremely proud of our support of the US military and reject any assertion to the contrary. We count as clients many companies that provide for our nation’s defense. We employ thousands of veterans, Guardsmen, and Reservists, and plan to increase our hiring this year.

  31. Soapy says:

    Does McMillan have a response to the comment on BoA’s Facebook page?

  32. Joy Staveley says:

    Only one person so far doubts the veracity of this story, but years ago my Dad left Bank of America being a customer for a very long time. He left because they bounced a large business check when there was plenty in the account to pay the check. They never even called him first! We are talking about a businessman with excellent credit who had banked with them for a very long time. My Dad ultimately got B of A to send a written apology, but this type of thing had happened once too many times, so Dad finally left them. I also left them after having real problems with customer service. This was before I knew my Dad had problems also. I know business people currently who have complained about their great lack of customer service, and their apparent poor training of employees who seemed to consistently give wrong answers to questions. I am inclined to believe Mc Millan’s story. I will certainly never bank with B of A again! I value my second amendment rights, and I don’t like poor customer service!

  33. Joe Firman says:

    HC has a point worth listening to. Why would a big financal firm take this kind of political stand that is certain to create a really big fuss, which it has. There are lots of reasons for not doing business with BandA, so they are an easy target. Always look behind the screen — what’s the real story, what’s really going on here? Things are never what they are claimed to be, especially when the story is designed to punch your buttons. So you might try doing a little homework. It is easy to do on the internet. Start with getting a handle on what is going on in the firearms manufacturing business. Look in detail at a company called the Freedom Group, and its parent company Cerberus. If we are to protect our freedom, we need to be informed and aware, not by being spoon-fed but by doing our own reading and analysis.

    • SSD says:

      What does Cerberus have to do with this issue? Nothing.

      • Joe Firman says:

        All I can recommend is that we each do our homework. Things are never what they seem to be.