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VELCRO USA Introduces New Silent Pouch Closure Solutions

At a recent range we were introduced to two new VELCRO USA options for closing pockets/pouches. They are almost completely silent and both options require tension to keep the VELCRO closure from opening but in slightly different ways. In our example on the video, this is done with elastic flaps of two different styles. However, the genius of the system is in the unidirectional hook component (HTH 719), so be careful when you are installing it. The hooks will need to face away the direction of opening. As you can see, a simple pull downward and either style of elastic flap can be opened.

Basically it comes down to whether or not you want the added operation of sewing the VELCRO to the elastic. VELCRO Brand VELSTRETCH (shown on the left) is designed for applications where the closure must expand and contract and is designed to provide about 55% stretch. This version won’t last quite as long as Loop 1100 since it abrades over time through cycling but then again, you don’t have to sew the loop on to standard elastic. What’s rally cool about this solution is that you just drop the flap straight down into place. Thanks to the unidirectional hook, you don’t have to load the VELCRO Brand VELSTRETCH. It holds everything in place and the stretch comes into play when you want to open the flap. A simple downward tug and release does the trick. However, the harder you pull against (as in upward) the unidirectional hook, the more the VELCRO Brand VELSTRETCH digs in.

On the other hand, continuing to sew mil-spec VELCRO loop (loop 1100) on to mil-spec elasticized webbing can offer a longer life and a stronger bond. It also can be opened in the same manner as traditional VELCRO closures by pulling straight out or up whereas the VELCRO Brand VELSTRETCH is very resistant to that type of operation. However, this is just as noisy as standard mil-spec VELCRO USA applications.

You could also adapt this style to more traditional fabric flaps by using elastic inserts or by anchoring the flaps to elastic. It may also be used in other applications as well such as pocket openings on some uniform items.

Nothing here is proprietary (other than the VELCRO USA materials) and anyone can adopt either solution. Be creative and show your clients that you can provide a silent VELCRO solution.

For more information visit www.velcro.com or email Will Tagye.


3 Responses to “VELCRO USA Introduces New Silent Pouch Closure Solutions”

  1. 96C says:

    Something just happened in my pants… That is awesome.

  2. Paul Weaver says:

    Meh – the issues with noise opening Velcro are overrated – anyone in the know just uses the great SEALDeltaRangerSpecialForces technique:


  3. John Denny says:

    About damn time. What the hell took so long?!