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WT Tactical to Supply KASOTC

WT Tactical by Wild Things, LLC has signed an agreement to provide technical outerwear to the instructors of the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center (KASOTC), outside of Amman Jordan. KASOTC is a training center for Special Forces and Counter-Terrorism personnel. Over the past 12 months more than 6,000 trainees from 25 countries have received instruction and training at KASOTC. The facility is amazing. Situated in a 1,235-acre quarry, the facility features numerous small arms ranges in addition to an 8-story structure for climbing, rappelling, and distance shooting. There is also a full-scale A-300 Airbus fuselage for aircraft training as well as a close-quarters battle (CQB) house with a three-story armored facility and adjoining five-story tower.

In addition to outfitting the instructors and leadership of KASOTC, WT Tactical products will be available in the KASOTC pro shop. WT Tactical is also a prime sponsor in the 4th Annual KASOTC warrior competition being held from 2 May 2012 – 6 May 2012.


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One Response to “WT Tactical to Supply KASOTC”

  1. Eric says:

    Is that the facility that Eric Prince setup after Blackwater/Xe?