Coming Soon from Norrøna

Coming in July 2012 from Norwegian manufacturer Norrøna is this hardshell parka and trousers featuring GORE-TEX construction. Developed in conjunction with Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Special Forces.

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6 Responses to “Coming Soon from Norrøna”

  1. Thomas l says:

    Nice, me like:) Is this is the new version of Norrøna’s good old Recon suit?

  2. Ipkiss says:

    Finally a decent length hardshell! (The new Arc’teryx Alpha parka aside, which is just some extra material imho).
    Guess it’s an European thing..

  3. UVRC says:

    Yes, the proper length, so you can sit down and still keep your butt dry. This would have been the Sierra Designs Mountain Parka in the 1970’s except the SD had the full length zipper covered (a good idea, IMO)

  4. Jonas says:

    I have owned a couple of Norrøna jackets, they make in my opinion better jackets than Arcteryx.
    I would also recomend their backpacks such as Recon and Hjerkinn.

    Too bad they dont do more tactical stuff.

  5. Willem Gussenhoven says:

    Bummer for Norrøna that most of the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish special forces just switched to Arc’teryx. Probably because they prefer a shorter jacket ……