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FirstSpear – The Walt Torso Holster

Every once in awhile I take one look at a product and say to myself, “THAT is freakin’ awesome.” Before SHOT I got to see some sneak peeks of FirstSpear’s new products and the Walt was in amongst the others they were unveiling. And while, pretty much everything FirstSpear does has been quality, the Walt really stuck out for me.

I can’t say that I’m much of a fan of Tanker-style holsters. They have traditionally been the territory of US Army Mech and Armor officers who are channeling Patton and for some reason Marine Officers (maybe it’s a Chesty Puller thing). Either way, not exactly my vision of cool. But then, I see the Walt. It’s like something out of a 1930 adventure serial. A traditional design, but fully modernized. Take for example, the materials. The Walt Torso Holster features a body of waterproof material lined with Cordura and an adjustable shoulder strap made from a combination of nylon webbing and mesh. The strap is wide enough to be comfortable, yet not get in the way. There is also a removable quick-release belt anchor attachment but we removed it for these photos. Additionally, a bungee makes quick work of keeping your pistol in the holster. Just remember to remove it from the grip of your weapon before you attempt to draw it.

Everybody should have a Walt. It doesn’t matter if you are out on the back 40 mending fences or trotting around the FOB, the Walt will be your new best friend. This isn’t a quick draw holster but rather a working rig. Not only does it perform well, but it looks cool.

And now, the Walt is available in Black as well as Coyote. Either way, it features FirstSpear’s baddass skull logo laser engraved into the material. It fits the 1911, M9, 226, Glock, M&P, XD and other pistols of similar size. However, it does not fit a pistol equipped with a light or optic. Right or left hand draw.

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16 Responses to “FirstSpear – The Walt Torso Holster”

  1. Rob says:

    Dig it!

  2. FLC says:

    I have one, lefty at that.
    old school…meets new school.
    At the range, or under my jacket or range vest.
    works well behind the wheel too.

  3. Doug says:

    I can see the advantage of modern materials; otherwise, is this really much different from the old tanker holster? I wore one of those for years and found it much better than a hip holster–out of the way and less snagging on vehicles etc.

  4. Paul says:

    the old leather tanker hosters come in two variations – the M3 and M7 holsters.

    This “walt” holster channels the M3 version. I’m not sure this provides any additional durability or functionality not acheived with a leather M3 holster.

    Unfortunately there are no companies who make a similar holster for a light-/laser- equipped pistol.

    First Spear would definately meet a need gap if they made M3- or M7- style holsters to support a pistol w/ light/ laser.

  5. Useful looking piece of kit. Slightly unfortunate name. On this side of the pond a ‘walt’ is a fantasist. ie Walter Mitty – especially a military fantasist.

    • SSD says:

      I figured at some point that someone would pick up on that. But that’s the idea isn’t it? You read my impression of the type of guy who wears a Tanker holster. The concept was to take that and make it cool. Maybe poke a little fun at yourself along the way. It’s nothing malicious, but rather all in good fun.

  6. Ex11A says:

    If they built a magazine holder on there, that would be the perfect rig for working on a FOB.

  7. Being a former 19K I find this to be the dirty heat!

  8. Adam says:

    Yeah, these look slick…order placed! This is perfect for those times you’re wearing snowmobile/dirtbike/ATV gear and can’t get to a belt mounted holster. Just toss it overtop of all those layers and you’re good to go! It looks like they incorporated some webbing loops on the shoulder strap, so those of you that want to attach a spare mag pouch or knife can do so.

  9. ChachiHunts says:

    This looks like it beats out the old M7 leather holster and would hold my Springfield XD40 very well. I want one!

  10. bbmn says:

    Good luck getting the SGM to ok the fact it crosses your body and covers your rank/name tapes…. unless of course he has one

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