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Arc’teryx Reminds You To Care For Your Gore-Tex Outerwear

Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

If you’ve got an Arc’teryx jacket or pants made from Gore-Tex, they’d like to remind you to give it a little TLC.

At the end of each season it’s a great idea to do a visual inspection of your gear so, if needed, you can have it repaired and ready for next season!

-Open and close each zipper and inspect teeth for damage.
-Verify that all internal elastic drawcords (i.e. hood and hem) are in good shape.
-Inspect the outside of the garment

In the event of a problem, warranty info is available at

Lewis Perdue Brings Us “Worst Tent, Best Tent in the World”

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Granted, these probably aren’t the best or worst tents in the world, considering the multitude of designs that show up each year, but the author’s reasoning is sound nonetheless. Other then the fact that this came from Lewis Perdue, the ‘winners’ of the two categories certainly caught my eye. In my experience, REI tends to put out a good product. And, I remember Early Winters from my youth. They were one hell of a company, having marketed the very first Gore-tex garments.

Read the whole story at

Coming Soon from Norrøna

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Coming in July 2012 from Norwegian manufacturer Norrøna is this hardshell parka and trousers featuring GORE-TEX construction. Developed in conjunction with Norwegian, Swedish and Danish Special Forces.

Arc’teryx LEAF SHOT Show Giveaway

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012


To promote their new Hide/Dry MultiCam Gore-tex clothing, Arc’teryx LEAF presented gift packs to VIP visitors consisting of a T-shirt, sticker, mini product guide, embossed Moleskine notebook, and specially built tablet cover in the same Gore-tex fabric use don the garments.

Look for a special giveaway here on SSD after SHOT Show of one of these tablet covers.

See Hide/Dry at SHOT Show in booth #10526.

MDM – WL Gore

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011


Reversible camouflage has been done in the past but not utilizing waterproof breathable membranes like GORE-TEX. WL Gore has developed a proof of concept that takes the current APECS garments to the next level. Retaining the 3-layer membrane construction, Gore replaced the tricot liner material with another DWR coated face fabric. Additionally, the actual membrane is a new version designed specifically to provide symmetrical performance no matter which way the clothing is worn. What’s more, by combining a couple of garment design tricks to ensure pockets are accessible no matter which pattern side is showing along with printed lightweight seam tape, they have been able to cut the weight of the garment itself.


Additionally, by combining two different garments into one, one set becomes redundant and can be cut from the clothing bag. Not only does this make the gear more versatile, but it will save money on several levels. Not only are there fewer garments to purchase overall but there are other intangible savings such as lower contracting requirements, warehousing, and transportation costs across the supply chain as well as once issued.

New garments for use featuring not only MARPAT Woodland and Desert patterns, but also the Navy’s recently adopted NWU Type II and III would help save dollars as we move into a more resource constrained environment.