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Warrior West – FPG Survivor System

The FPG Survivor System is a patent pending heat reflective backpack shelter. The system is all about living out of your ruck. It goes back to basic field craft, giving the user a lot of options for employment. The FPG Survivor System is designed to be used with the Marauder Pack System but can be employed alone in a variety of ways.


It can be used alone to wrap yourself up for a halt or in conjunction with the poles to prepare a variety of configurations.


Camouflage netting enhances the performance of the asymmetric shape for concealment.


You can batten down the hatches for inclement weather or open it up for use over a firing or observation point, or for use in hot environments.


The Survivor Sysyem also integrates the sleeping pad from the Marauder Pack which snaps right into place.


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6 Responses to “Warrior West – FPG Survivor System”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    Clever, very clever. I wish that had been around back in my day…

  2. Spektre says:

    How much and when can I get mine?

  3. John says:

    It WAS around back in your day, only in a comparitively very rough form, made from a poncho and tent poles…called the Alpha Tent….

    Thanks to Warlord of the Alpha Rubicon for the photos and links you wil find.

  4. Heat reflective shelter; patent pending…should be interesting. We’ve been doing this for over 4 years with our FGM4 materials and “officially” announced the technology last year on these very pages.

    The point here is that a lot of folks can do coated textiles that offer similar benefits, but very few can do it to the required Mil Std and still provide the benefits. We know, we’ve done it!

    Team UTE

  5. Ground pounder says:

    Reading the spec sheet it’s listed as 3 lbs; the next goal would be to make it lighter for high altitude use.

  6. MWD Handler says:

    I was wondering if this system was available for purchase right now. I am a MWD Handler currently deployed in Afghanistan and could use this system very much to help with keeping my Military Working Dog cool on multi day missions out in the mountains. This system looks perfect for what I need.. If it could be purchased please email me at with information so I can get it as soon as possible. MA2 Brodsky, USN