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Force Protector Gear – FOR61 with Dynamic Weight Distribution

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Force Protector Gear has introduced a new load carrying technology into their FOR61 Tac Pack Extreme. This articles concentrates on the DWD suspension and not the bag. The Dynamic Weight Distribution system was developed by the Israeli company Source who has been working with Force Protector Gear to integrate this Exoskeletal Frame System into a pack.  The small mesh pockets on the waistbelt will store the control unit explained below. Production versions of the belt move this storage pocket to make it more easily accessible. 

DWD mimics the human spine, with a single stay that rotates at the hips via the L5 joint which allows you to cut the belt away yet also offers flexion while walking. It also incorprates a control unit that allows you to adjust the distribution of the percentage of load carried by waist or shoulders as well as frame height. Load distribution is totally adjustable on the fly in increments of 15% from the hips to the shoulders as the user sees fit.

DWD accommodates personnel from 5’3” to 6’10” in its current configuration with two different Spine Bars (medium and large).

DWD is also a modular system that attaches to the pack or vest platform that needs to be carried thanks to PALS compatibility.


I got a chance to try it out with a 45 lbs load. The load moves with you and allows excellent upper body rotation. Below you can see how the DWD allows load rotation while being worn.

This document has additional information.


Click to view .pdf


Warrior West – FPG Survivor System

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

The FPG Survivor System is a patent pending heat reflective backpack shelter. The system is all about living out of your ruck. It goes back to basic field craft, giving the user a lot of options for employment. The FPG Survivor System is designed to be used with the Marauder Pack System but can be employed alone in a variety of ways.


It can be used alone to wrap yourself up for a halt or in conjunction with the poles to prepare a variety of configurations.


Camouflage netting enhances the performance of the asymmetric shape for concealment.


You can batten down the hatches for inclement weather or open it up for use over a firing or observation point, or for use in hot environments.


The Survivor Sysyem also integrates the sleeping pad from the Marauder Pack which snaps right into place.



Hybrid Deployment Bag from Force Protector Gear

Friday, July 16th, 2010

The Hybrid Deployment Bag from Force Protector Gear is a coffin style duffel designed specifically for commercial air travel. At over 9200 cubic inches it features numerous pockets to compartmentalize gear and includes a soft frame system to give the bag body. Manufactured from 1000D Cordura the bottom of the bag is covered in ballistic nylon. It is Berry Compliant and is available in Black, Coyote, and MultiCam.

The entire line of FPG products is on display at the Warrior Expo in booth #137.