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Cocoon Grid-It!

Grid-It! is a patent pending object retention system that relies on a weave of rubberized elastic bands to hold personal objects firmly in place. It’s great for use as an insert in bags to organize your kit. It’s uses are limited only by your imagination. Also, Grid-It! is available in a variety of sizes.

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5 Responses to “Cocoon Grid-It!”

  1. Nick says:

    Grid-It is a very easy way to configure panels to hold EDC essentials. I’ve used them for travel to eliminate the need to empty out pockets when switching between bags and going through security checkpoints. I haven’t tried it yet, but I am curious to see how loading these panels to serve as a medical insert in a mag or GP pouch would work as well.

  2. Paul Weaver says:

    OK, that’s pretty slick. Great idea.

  3. Bill H says:

    It also makes a great framesheet for a kifaru e&e with additional storage. Learned that from a forum brother.

  4. These look pretty slick. Just ordered a couple – good find and thanks for posting!

  5. Chris says:

    A year ago I had the opportunity to fly on the reduced gravity plane at Johnson Space Center as part of the Teachers in Space program. We were conducting an experiment on what happens to an egg when cracked in space. It was the first part of finding a way to have “tastier” foods for long duration space flight. Anyway we needed a way to hold our eggs securely without breaking them and be able to easily remove them. I have been using Grid-It’s for a year or so and thought they would work well. Cocoon gave us a bunch of them for our flight and they worked beautifully. Grid-It’s are awesome and Cocoon is a great company. If you want to see the video Google Eggs In Space, it’s on YouTube.