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FirstSpear Six-Pack

First-Spear has a new modular LBE pouch they call the First Spear ‘Six-Pack’. It’s designed to carry six (6) forty mike-mike rounds in two tiers of three (3) rounds each, one above the other. The Six-Pack, designed to occupy a minimal amount of real estate on your load out, buckles closed and drops open to access all six 40mm. Watch for it on the First-Spear website.

DR wrote this article but I have to tell you that I handled a prototype about two months ago and when I saw it I was like, “genius.” As you can see, it pops open and there they are, two trays of rounds. It was originally designed for users of the Mk14 Milkor USA grenade launcher, because they have to get at so many rounds at one time, but it looks great for any grenadier.

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3 Responses to “FirstSpear Six-Pack”

  1. ODG says:

    Looks great guys keep up the good work!

  2. steveholt says:

    Yeah, looks great, but what does this do that an issued canteen pouch doesn’t, other than cost more? Those worked fine for me and my platoon for seven months…

  3. grenadier says:

    On a battle belt -ok could work. On a chest rig or mounted center on your plate carrier- a definite no go. It takes up way too much valuable real estate in the center of your chest. Where are you going to mount your m4 magazines?