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Texas Ranger 7.62 PredatAR from LaRue

LaRue Tactical built a special rifle for the Texas Rangers based on the PredatAR Chassis. I hit them up on the spur of the moment, with little time to prepare, so I’d like to express my appreciation for them taking a minute to chat. My understanding is that once they are caught up with the Texas DPS orders there will be a civilian version of the “Ranger Rifle” available.

Mark LaRue and his staff make bad ass rifles. Glad to see these in the hands of guys doing a dangerous job. Check out LaRue Tactical on the web at or on Facebook at

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2 Responses to “Texas Ranger 7.62 PredatAR from LaRue”

  1. FormerSFMedic says:

    Students and friends used to ask me, “who makes the best AR’s?” For the longest time I didn’t really have a solid answer for obvious reasons. I would generally just give them some names of companies I really liked. Now I just say “Larue”. After shooting the various OBR offerings, I honestly believe these are the best AR platforms on the market. Good choice by the Texas Rangers!

  2. jrt says:

    Made in Texas for Texans!