The Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station or CROWS has done a lot to protect our troops from exposure to enemy fire during mounted operations. It allows a system operator to use a electro-optical/IR system to observe outside the vehicle and engage targets with an integrated weapon from as small as the M249 SAW or M240 GPMG up to a Mk19 40mm GL or .50 M2 HMG. The Army realized that these are lethal options and wanted to leverage the successes of non-lethal technologies used in the Traffic Control Point kit such as the BE Meyers GLARE.

The result is the Escalation of Force Kit Integration for the CROWS System. ADS provides these kits which integrate green laser technology from B.E. Meyers GLARE MOUT Plus lasers. The lasers emit an intense band of green light, disrupting a person’s vision and ability to drive a vehicle or aim a weapon. In addition to the lasers, CROWS II EOF Kits incorporate high-powered lighting from Surefire (Hellfighter), PeakBeam (MaxaBeam), or Xenonics (NightHunter), as a secondary means of visual warning. Naturally, a light with that much power pulls double duty as an aid in targeting and identification. Interestingly, the kits also feature the LRAD 300X. LRAD systems were recently chosen for use at the London Olympics for their ability to discourage unruly crowds. For TCP use, the LRAD also offers the ability to provide audible warning and hailing at distances of over 1,000M.

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4 Responses to “CROWS II EOF Kit ADS Tactical

  1. EODClass03180S says:

    In Kirkuk in 07 the HMMWV in front of me had a CROWS w/M2 mounted on it. Thing went bat-shit crazy during a “runnaway gun” situation and started spewing rounds EVERYWHERE. Thought I was gonna die. Jump forward to last summer in Helmand when they told me I was lucky enough to be receiving a CROWS for my vehicle. I told em to fuck off. CROWS=BLOWS.

    • SSD says:

      So do you blame CROWS or the M2 for the runaway gun? I hate to tell you, but machine guns occasionally experience runaway gun malfunctions. By extension would you now disdain any use of machine guns?

  2. AttackBlue1 says:

    That’s what happened to ED209 in the board room scene of RoboCop.

  3. ZUnit says:

    I sat behind this for a whole year in Afghanistan from May 11 to May 12. We served as Mechanics and Recovery Force Protection as an additional duty. We used 240B on ours. I give the CROWS a thumbs down. It takes too long to set up correctly. I.E. Boresighting everytime the weapon is mounted. Yes that is the correct way. It was inaccurate upon boresighting. After boresighting you had to zero and adjust. Nevermind the fact that your field of view is extremely limited, you can not see directly to the side of your vehicle and you cannot hear what is going on outside.. These weapon stations are for a QRF or another duty where the weapon can stay mounted 24/7 and where the crew is not on site for 12+ hours.

    The idea is great. Keep troops out of harms way. I got that but in exchange you lose alot and I dont think the trade is even.