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Haley Strategic Partners – Disruptive Industries Day Two

The day started off with an ass kicking for the Mil/LE group from former Russian Spetznaz operator Saulius “Sonny” Puzikas. Actually, he didn’t kick anyone’s ass, he just offered us the opportunity to wear ourselves out with about 45 minutes of Systema-based stretching and calisthenics followed by some serious weapon retention training.

Sonny would demonstrate each technique along with a student partner multiple times, explaining variations and then set the participants upon one another to practice the various means of prevailing in the close quarters fight. Sometimes you retain the weapon and sometimes you let it go and engage the threat through other means. Sonny sent the participants away with a new tool bag of techniques for further practice and application.

After another excellent catered lunch, Rifle Dynamics took over. Jim Fuller and Billy Cho brought a variety of ComBloc weapons including numerous AK variants as well as an RPK and my favorite, the PKM. Both groups took to the range with familiarization fire. Watching HSGI’s Gene Higdon go Rambo with hip fire from the PKM certainly was a sight.

Next, both groups were given a demonstration on vehicle operations in threat environments by Travis Haley and Kane Smith. After a quick class, practical application was offered to those who wanted to practice assuming various positions from behind a vehicle. Throughout the day, there were plenty of opportunities to roll around in the dirt.

The entire group moved back to the hotel conference room for lectures on TCCC and Mass Casualty and Triage. While these sessions were theoretical, feedback was solicited from the audience and a variety of life saving tools were demonstrated including dressings and different tourniquets.

HSP topped the evening off with a working dinner with presentations by several of the vendors who revealed new products, some never seen before.

Don’t forget, ITS Tactical is also on hand so make sure you visit their site for additional photos. Look for the simultaneous release of an AAR from both of us soon. Until then, enjoy our serialized look at HSP’s Disruptive Industries.


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  1. R. Anderson says:

    Thanks for the fun times rolling around in the gravel pit yesterday Eric!