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New TreeGO IZLID Ultra Pouch from MATBOCK

MATBOCK has been selling their TreeGO IZLID pouches for awhile now. Based on user feedback, they made a few improvements. They recently caught us up on the latest changes.

Without altering the simple, easy to use design we went back to the drawing board to add a few features. 1st being the small retention pocket that is specifically designed to carry the Gear Keeper RT4, which is sold when you order “with retention” from our website. 2nd we made the opening slightly larger to allow IZLIDs with the protective flip cap – the original design forced the operator to remove that plastic cap. 3rd the cap is redesigned to ensure operators can pull the IZLID out of the pouch with one hand without unbuckling or disconnecting any latches (single part draw). Our Tree-GO IZLID Ultra pouch is now available on our website, but we also updated our Tree-GO IZLID 1000 to match these 3 new features. No matter which IZLID you use the pouches are design to ensure an easy transition (one less thing operators have to worry about when learning a new systems – having to learn how to get it out).

They also provided us with these brochures –

TreeGO IZLID 1000 Pouch Brochure

Additionally, MATBOCK has finalized the fit of the IZLID Ultra pouch.

TreeGO IZLID Ultra Pouch Brochure

MATBOCK pouches are available in Coyote, Multicam and Desert Digital. MADE IN USA!

These pouches were designed for JTACs by JTACs. Check out both pouches at

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2 Responses to “New TreeGO IZLID Ultra Pouch from MATBOCK”

  1. ARG says:

    Anybody have a contact number for these guys? I tried going to their website, but it is not working, I did a search and their name can’t be found anywhere and I can’t find them by google mapping their location and name either.

  2. MATBOCK, LLC says:

    The site is (should be) up.

    email us at [email protected] and we will take care of you.