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DRIFIRE Fortrex Burn Test

We saw this video at last week’s Warrior Expo East and we’re glad we can share it with you. It’s good to be able to show you what a burn test looks like. Fortrex is a performance FR material from DRIFIRE that also provides moisture management and antibacterial properties.


9 Responses to “DRIFIRE Fortrex Burn Test”

  1. JimBo says:

    Great. It goes out quickly. What is the body burn percentage? BTW, It’s still $800. That is highway robbery.

  2. Boggs says:

    Along with the body burn percentage, it would be interesting to know what was worn underneath the garment. Was it a cotton t-shirt and underwear? What was the weight of the t-shirt and underwear?

  3. Eric B says:

    Thanks for posting the burn video. I would be curious about the layering system they used as well, either cotton or Drifire’s line of undergarments. Did they provide the thermal transfer data to the dummy? Given the likelihood of fire on some ops, I am willing to pay the cost for quality FR uniforms. One of the guys in the cubicle beside me was burned in a helo crash years ago and good quality NOMEX saved him, that and excellent doctors of course.

  4. John Wayne says:

    $800?!? Im good with the ACP/ACS Im already issued. Seen them work in real life…which is nothing like that video. AND, they were free. Besides, Ive had some DriFire Tshirts and they fell apart with holes and tears within weeks. Betcha that suit doesnt work real well against flames if it has holes in it.
    I thought DriFire was bought by ADS or Mulligan or someone.

  5. JohnnyB says:

    I have a ton of Drifire stuff. It’s fantastic – feels like cotten, wicks water, and doesnt smell like a jockstrap at the end of the day. I wear the baselayer shirts and , in the winter, pants because my uniform is mostly polyester and as much as I dont want to ever be burned (and I’ve come close a couple times in car and building fires), I want to get burned and have those burns filled with melted poly even less. My stuff has never worn through or developed holes. I can but water wicking non-FR undergarments from a major sports-based manufacturer for about the same cost as Drifire’s FR, so I think the things are a steal. But hey, that’s just this user. IMO, $800 is nothing to ensure you dont end up covered in life-threatening and debilitating burns.

    • NickyP says:

      JohhnyB – you must be an officer if you can afford to buy this stuff yourself! Why do you need FR to do PowerPoint slides anyway?!? Agree on the cost of base layer garments, but I don’t see Nike selling their sweat suits for $800. Drifire needs to adopt the Joseph A Bank model – buy 1, get 10 free plus 9 pairs of socks, 18 t-shirts, and 37 pairs of shoes. Maybe then, it would be affordable. BTW – there are a LOT more affordable FR flight suit options out there. Look around.

  6. Chris Moore says:

    Just thought you all might want a little update on DRIFIRE Fortrex from someone who has been in the business for over 20 years and knows a little about the product.

    The DRIFIRE flight suit with Fortrex fabric is certainly less than $800, much, much lower. In fact you could buy a two piece Fortrex flight suit, a Jos A Banks suit, and take the wife out to dinner cheaper. The burn test was done at North Carolina State in accordance with all military test standards and procedures. 100% cotton undergarments were used under flight suits, and uniforms were a standard size medium. All undergarments were tucked in and flight suit closures were secured equally. The DRIFIRE Fortrex fabric used in the video is actually one ounce/yard lighter than the non FR and the competitor fabrics. Fortrex comes in a variety of weights and is more durable than heavier fabrics and still wicks sweat, dries fast, controls odor and provides protection. Just remember, DRIFIRE technology for superior moisture management and breathability is powered by drirelease. Drirelease moisture management technology is used by over 150 international sportswear and outdoor brands so we might know a little bit about comfort and performance.

    Stay Safe and comfortable,


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