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Billy Cho’s War Belt Configuration

Billy Cho of Rifle Dynamics goes over his war belt in this video. He’s a big fan of High Speed Gear’s kit and uses it as the basis for most of what he has going on. This includes Taco mag pouches, belt and pad, as well as a dump pouch. He also uses a G-Code holster with a Rapid Transition Interface wheel. Additionally, he has included a Leatherman MUT and an ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch. It’s a great set up for his needs and it’s simple, yet functional.

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9 Responses to “Billy Cho’s War Belt Configuration”

  1. Sean says:

    Um… am I the only one who can’t see the video?

  2. R3D R3IGN S1X says:

    I can’t see it either!

  3. Me either. I love the HSGI suregrip padded belt and taco pouches. I run a leather man MUT, tactical tailor dump pouch, grey ghost butt pouch and pvs14 pouch and a first light tomahawk.

  4. Kharon Anon says:

    If you cant watch the video via the link above, keyword “rifle dynamics war belt” into the YouTube search box. It’ll be the first video at the top.

  5. R3D R3IGN S1X says:

    Looks like the video is working now!

  6. Tim says:

    I know this is gunna sound dumbbut I was looking over the GCODE holster site and really like them but can’t figure out what pieces I need to attach it tow Broco’s belt… Or the holster name ither I would appreciate any help

  7. Ben says:

    It this dude operational? Or is this just for the range and zombies?

    • SSD says:

      He works for Rifle Dynamics. He’s an industry guy you might see on the range.