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Billy Cho Moves to AXTS to Head Up AK Department

Saturday, September 5th, 2015

At the end of August Billy Cho left Las Vegas-based Rifle Dynamics for the green hills of Oregon where he accepted a new position this month as the Director, AK Department for AXTS Weapon Systems. That’s right, AXTS is going to build AKs, and from what I hear, we will see the first of them before SHOT Show.

I spoke with Billy at The Blade Show (he’s a burgeoning bladesmith as well as talented gunsmith) and he told me that while he loved his time at RD, he was itching to try something different. But, he wasn’t ready to tell me exactly what he had in mind. Earlier this week, RD founder Jim Fuller bid Billy farewell and mentioned that they were very excited for Billy’s future. I have to say, I am as well. Billy is a great guy and the thought of him teaming up AXTS is awesome. That they are going to produce a new AK, is even better.

AXTS started out making weapon accessories and is well known for their Raptor Charging Handle for the AR family of weapons. Since then, they expanded to include full Carbines as well as upper receivers. Now, they are moving to completely new platforms and I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Congrats Billy Cho and the AXTS team!

Billy Cho’s War Belt Configuration

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Billy Cho of Rifle Dynamics goes over his war belt in this video. He’s a big fan of High Speed Gear’s kit and uses it as the basis for most of what he has going on. This includes Taco mag pouches, belt and pad, as well as a dump pouch. He also uses a G-Code holster with a Rapid Transition Interface wheel. Additionally, he has included a Leatherman MUT and an ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit Pouch. It’s a great set up for his needs and it’s simple, yet functional.