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OR – Jetboil


Many of you may be familiar with the Jetboil line of portable cooking systems. They have just introduced a new version of the popular Flash stove with a genuine MultiCam neoprene cozy that goes around the vessel. Additionally, the shroud that houses the burner base is an OD color that matches the MultiCam quite well. The burner incorporates a piezo igniter. Finally, Jetboil pioneered the use the FluxRing, a heat exchanger technology that looks like a series of fins. It doubles the fuel efficiency of the Jetboil stove because it heats up so quickly. It also cools more quickly than other stoves as well.


Weighing in at 14oz (without fuel), the entire kit and caboodle stores inside the vessel for transport.


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3 Responses to “OR – Jetboil”

  1. Y.T. says:

    Any possibility of getting the cozy by itself?

  2. Yeah I want just the cover myself.

  3. Terry says:

    I love my Jetboil. It’s one of those products that is genuine pleasure to use each and every time.

    It works exactly as advertised and is well designed and built – what more could you want in a product?