OR – Mountain Shepherd Survival School


Mountain ShepHerd Survival School has teamed up with Rocky’s New S2V line to incorporate a real world survival ethos into the line.

Rocky sent two engineers to a private course to get a basic grounding in survival techniques and ever since the crew at Mountain Shepherd Survival School has been available to provide technical support throughout Rocky’s design process.

Rocky has incorporated the 7 survival priorities into their designs; Positive Mental Attitude, Wilderness First Aid, Sheltercraft, Firecraft, Signalling, Water Procurement and Food Procurement (in order of importance).

For example, this survival kit is called the Grenade and comes packaged with the new Rocky S2V Center Hold Windshirt.


Additionally, Rocky offers the S2V Essentials Kit with Provision Jacket.


Mountain Shepherd Survival School trains everyone from Boy Scouts to SOF and they model their course on the US Air Force Survival Course.

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One Response to “OR – Mountain Shepherd Survival School”

  1. packtray says:

    I’ve always given the Air Force props for their instructor qualifications for this field. Might as well learn from well-vetted pax!