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Waterford Press produces a wide variety of pocket guides to science, travel, nature and other wilderness pursuits. Additionally, they’ve developed a few that are targeted at the military market. Their Combat First Aid and Middle East Wildlife titles are easy to use and give you a down and dirty look at the subject matter. Additionally, proceeds from the sale of both of these guides goes to the Sierra Club’s Veteran & Military Family Initiative.


Additionally, at Outdoor Retailer Waterford Press launched a new series called, “Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide” produced in connection with Dave Canterbury of The Pathfinder School. These waterproof guides are straightforward. I spoke briefly with Dave and he reminded me t hat in a pinch, they could be used as a survival tool. While they aren’t as large or, quite as robust as the issue Evasion Chart (EVC), he’s right. I could carry water with one of these guides, need be.


The other thing that Dave mentioned is that he probably wouldn’t take all of the guides with him, but rather, pretrain with them as guides and carry the ones that are more technical in nature or that you need more help with. They are very lightweight and packed with great info but I don’t know if I’d carry all of them.


One such title that is great for pretraining is ‘Building a Survival Kit’ which covers the 10 essentials for survival. At $6.95 each they are a great value, particularly as an introduction to the basics of various survival skills.

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