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Weaving a Helium Whisper Pouch onto a RACKminus

Here, our Canadian friends at One Shot Tactical demonstrate how to weave a Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper pouch onto a RACKminus.

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16 Responses to “Weaving a Helium Whisper Pouch onto a RACKminus”

  1. Lionel says:

    $100 bucks for that vest is ridiculous.

    • Ryan says:

      What are you basing that on? Do you have any idea how this vest is made and what its made from? I am curious all might appraiser of gear what do you think this vest is worth.

      Great video Darren. Toss something over the glass so we dont have to hear the tink tink of the buckles.

      • Lionel says:

        Ryan what are you basing a hundred bucks on? It’s die cut. It’s webbing. I’m sure it’s very high quality. It photographs well and I bet it looks bitchin on the range at tactical summer camp.

        It’s a specialty item. If it were in demand and there were competition. $100 bucks would fly like a lead zeppelin.

        • Well it’s made here so workers have to be paid actual wages, then the company needs to make a cut then Darren needs to make his cut to keep it in store. Then you have the price of machinery and textiles. It’s not a made in china peice of gear.

          • SSD says:

            Everybody thinks that they can pay the same prices as Walmart for tactical gear.

          • Lionel says:

            Well you either believe in a free market or you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with made in China. Otherwise just cut off trade all together. The problems arise when manufacturers truly try to cut corners by using proxy representatives and never stepping foot or having a presence in the factory. For an item such as this it very well may cost more to build in China. It’s not like they’ll ever get a contract for this. The vest is squarely in the one sale at a time range monkey category. That is another ridiculous point of these tactical for the sake of tactical items. Do you really need space age fabrics to carry your airsoft and a couple snicker bars to the range or tactical summer camp.

          • Ryan says:

            Lionel BFG doesnt design gear to be airsoft/snack vests. They design things for the military to make the job easier on the men and women going over seas. I am not sure what it is you do for a job that you think your a subject matter expert on these things.

            The fabric choice for this vest was done to drop weight that a soldier already has to carry. It may not be there to challenge for a big contract and that’s fine. Its there so individual users can get what they want out of their kit.

            You have clearly strayed out of your lane Lionel I will point you back to cashier 1 at Wally World so you can go about your day buying cheap items and making the commute to your desk job.

      • somthingfunny says:

        I agree with the blanket over the glass cabinet i spent a lot of time looking at all the knifes instead of the weaving.

  2. scott says:

    I think its a good idea, but i have yet to see a video with a lbe of this kind with any serious weight on it. im just worried that it would flop around. maybe im wrong but i would like to see a video with a combat loadout doing some bounding in this thing.

  3. lionel says:

    Ryan come on now. This vest isn’t for guys in the military. For one thing your average guy on the ground is pulling in about $480 per week. Not much money. If it make you feel better to think your rackMinus bib is battle ready when you’re wearing it at tactical pistol class; well whatever floats your boat brother. I do think it would do a great job of keeping the BBQ sauce off your multicam during lunch break.

    • SSD says:

      How wrong you are.

    • Ryan says:

      I am at a loss for words really. I know plenty people who go overseas and if the unit allows buy there own kit because they arent a fan of what they are issued. Guys who go over with $400 Strider knives or RMJ tomahawks who buy different plate carriers or chest rigs. Have you served a day in your life?

      • lionel says:

        Iraq. I served in the first gulf war and as a E3 I brought home $202 bucks per week. This was before the tactical “craze”. Even if their had been a tactical craze we were all to broke to take part in it. Now as a middle aged man I have the money to purchase these things. BFG knows this .

        • Alex says:

          I don’t know what American soldiers are paid nowadays, but I served overseas as a part of Canadian Task Force 3-09 (Combat Team) in Afghanistan in 2008/2009 and was making $2200 CAD ($2100USD) per week.

          This vest is not expensive. It is actually very affordable comparable to similar vests such as the Crye Precision RACK which goes for about $150-200USD depending on where you look.


  4. Tom says:

    Lionel, you’re completely wrong. As an E4 (Marine Corps) in Iraq back in 2007 I was making around $2000 per paycheck. When you don’t have to pay for housing, food, or anything much else, that’s a lot of cash. You’re basing your comments on massively outdated information, take the time to Google military pay charts (plus allowances and tax free status in theater) before you type next time, okay?