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Adams Industries Offers TWO Products of the Week

Adams Industries has really outdone themselves this week. They’re not offering one, but two products of the week. Both are not only great products that almost everyone can use but they’re also offering a great price.


The first item is a snap-on compass for night vision devices. It fits the PVS-7B/D, 6015, PVS-14 and several other models. The compass allows you to see the compass heading through the device.


The second item is CJ Engineering’s Phoenix JR 123. The Phoenix Jr is a low cost Infrared marker beacon that relies on a single CR 123 battery. It’s easy to use. Turn the battery upside down and it won’t activate. Designed as an individual Combat Identification marker employed to minimize fratricide (the inadvertent destruction of battle field assets by friendly forces), it can also been used as a vehicle ID marker, drop zone indicator and perimeter marker. There isa wire bale on the rear that fits right into your PALS webbing so mounting on your equipment is a snap. The cost is low enough that if you aren’t issued one, you can afford getting it on your own.



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