Wolfhawk – The Knife That Mounts On Your Rifle


Normally, a knife that mounts on your rifle its called a bayonet, unless it’s the Wolfhawk. A joint venture between Battle Blades and TOPS Knives, the Wolfhawk series utilizes a sheath that incorporates a Mil Std 1913 rail compatible mount.

Offered in two blade (Hunter and Tanto) and two handle (micarta and paracord) versions, it features a 3-1/4″ blade made from 1095 High Carbon steel (RC 56-58).

When I see things like this that are done simply because they can be, I fear we have invented everything.

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9 Responses to “Wolfhawk – The Knife That Mounts On Your Rifle”

  1. BK says:

    “next up…Amanahawk…the dishwasher that mounts…on your rifle!” i’m sorry…but really…how can one NOT make a smart ass remark about this?

  2. Fox1 says:

    A blade that makes your rifle more front heavy needlessly. I know it has a use, but id rather have a bigger blade on my person that wont affect the balance and handling of my primary tool.

  3. Paul says:

    This is stupid. Please don’t post (or give credence to) stupid stuff.

  4. Simon says:

    Another useless “invention”,what possible purpose could this serve, if it comes to the point where you need to transition from your main weapon to a knife, this would be one of the worst places for it, only beaten by places such as the back of your head, or left at home.

    • Larry T Bone says:

      I can definitely think of a worse place than at the back of my head or at home.

    • SSD says:

      I know you guys overseas can’t own real guns but how about a trunk gun? That way you grab your rifle and it’s all together?

  5. DI says:

    TOPS never ceases to come up with more ridiculous, useless products.

  6. Riceball says:

    I bet that some antis will get wind of this and work to it being banned because they’ll think that this will allow the knife to be used as a bayonet or something.

  7. Daggertx says:

    Sweet… I am going to go for the helmet mounted version.