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The Badass Outdoors Gear Shop


During a recent visit to Littleton, New Hampshire I noticed a small gear shop right on the Main Street through town. I love supporting small businesses so I stopped in and buy am I glad I did. As I took a look around I noticed some really great product lines. Then, I ran across a full rack display of every issue of Survival Quarterly. I asked the shopkeeper about the magazine and it turns out he writes for it. Matt Keating and his wife moved their business from Prescott, Arizona and approach the outdoor business from a little bit different angle. Their passion for the outdoors is not only reflected in their wares but also in the training services they provide. In addition to trying out every product before they sell them, they will also train anyone who purchases the item in how to properly use it. They also conduct monthly lectures in their shop.

Check out their website and pay particular attention to their blog. And, if you find yourself in Littleton like I did, give them a visit.

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4 Responses to “The Badass Outdoors Gear Shop”

  1. Brian says:

    They need to get there store online yesterday! Good luck!

  2. Logan F. Crooks says:

    Great Store, been there. The guy there (Matt Keating) is awesome! Alot of great stuff, and we had a great information exchange. I bought a hat, and he threw in a new type of SF/LRP Ration for free.

  3. Kays Avenue says:

    I really like hearing about businesses where customer service it top priority.