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MATBOCK – The Amphibian

MATBOCK is quickly earning a reputation for developing innovative solutions for very specialized problems. These are the issues that others won’t take on, but necessity is the mother of invention and, based on their own needs while serving, they’ve rolled up their sleeves and developed some answers.

For example, in certain situations operators are required to carry a supplemental air source such as an Aqua Lung Survival Egress Air (SEA) bottle or a Helicopter Emergency Egress Device (HEED) bottle. Usually this air source is tucked away in a backpack or pouch without easy access, but it’s still required gear. Not happy with just carrying a piece of life saving gear in a pouch that is most likely going to be a struggle to reach in a high stress, high stakes situation, MATBOCK developed The Amphibian.

The Amphibian combines two life saving elements, air and water, into one system. At first glance the Amphibian might look like another water bladder pouch, but they integrated a special sleeve specifically designed to hold an Aqua Lung SEA bottle. Additionally, the hoses of the Platypus water bladder and SEA bottle are bundled together in a Velcro sleeve, which is routed over the shoulder. Both the water and air mouthpiece are mounted to the front of a plate carrier for easy access that won’t get in the way.

Specifically build for Navy helo crews, NSW water operations, Search and Rescue crews or any situation when supplemental air sources are required.

The Amphibian consists of three components:
– 500 Cordura
– Side zipper pocket
– PALS Compatible

Platypus Bladder:
– 1.8L Hoser
– Drink Tube Kit with Bite Valve Cover
– Black Tube Insulator

Aqualung SEA Bottle:
– Model LV-2
– 2.0 liter bottle
– 27” hose
– Mouthpiece cover

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9 Responses to “MATBOCK – The Amphibian”

  1. MATBOCK_CEO says:

    SSD readers,

    Here is the direct link for The Amphibian. http://www.matbock.com/products/pouches/amphibian


  2. Looks like another great innovative piece of kit that could be integrated in to the soldier system. More innovative manufacturers will be presenting their products here: http://bit.ly/W5wZ19

  3. Mac says:

    POC/INFO on that desert digital IFF flag?

  4. megatron says:

    How to opetate the SEA or HEED? There is no access for the valve.

    • MATBOCK CEO says:


      Great question. Turn the valve on (air on) before putting your kit on. The mouthpiece will stow over your shoulder. When you need air, place the mouthpiece in, start to breath.

      In an emergency the last thing you want to do is try to find your air supply and then try to turn it on.


  5. ALEX says:

    the amphibian is available in black color?