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Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System from Black Bag Designs LLC

The Black Bag Designs LLC Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System is a simple camouflage and helmet accessory management system which works with all popular ballistic helmet models from SDS, MSA, Ops Core, and CRYE Precision.

According to Black Bag, they have built and tested this system in real world combat conditions. It is designed to allow you complete access to all of your helmet mounted devices including strobe lights, NVG mounts, NVG battery boxes, and IR identifiers and you are able to easily access all switches and route any cabling for powered NVG mounts. What’s more, any passive IR identifiers remain visible. Additionally, you can also incorporate natural foliage using the bungee cord system. The system is compatible with all currently available helmet covers for the CRYE Airframe and Ops Core Ballistic helmets. Additionally, the system is also fully compatible with both the CRYE and Ops Core ballistic rifle front helmet plates.

The Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System can be ordered by emailing matt@blackbagdesignsllc.com or calling 815-252-8766. The bungees are also available through ADS and Adams Industries.


18 Responses to “Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System from Black Bag Designs LLC”

  1. George_Rules says:

    How exactly is this different than the War Bungee?

  2. Riceball says:

    Does it matter? A little competition never hurt anyone and is a good thing. If everybody thought like the way you and others do then there would be no competition in this world and few if any choices. Why get one Android phone vs. another? They both do the same thing and run the same OS? Why should any make ARs but Colt because they came out with it first and how different is one AR from another really or better yet, why should anyone but Colt be making 1911s since they came out with it first?

    • George_Rules says:

      Little testy huh? So you know how I think? I was asking a question, is it different or not, if it has other features then I would like to know about them so I can make an educated decision on a purchase. Relax.

      • Matt says:

        We designed it to work on ballistic helmets not bump helmets because Everyone now wears a ballistic helmet. We also designed it with function in mind. The way ours is weaved allows you full access to strobe switches,NVD switches, and still allows passive IR identifiers to be visible. We came out with it because it was requested by a certain “user” group and because there was nothing like it avalible for ballistic helmets. Another plus with our system is that it will work with or without a helmet cover. Our system dosent rely on a helmet cover to mount it on like others which we felt was a short comming of the design. Ours operates in a different manner and is made of different materials as well. I hope this helps.

        • George_Rules says:

          Thanks for th reply Matt, I do like that you are thinking about the SLAP plate, the plan now is to hook it on with velcro, but if a guy could simply put it behind the bungee’s to be held in place, it would probably be easier to put on and take off, and hold more stable.

        • Al says:

          This looks like a great product, especially the one with the Manta strobe under the bungee, I’ve always been concerned that mine would fall off without me noticing.

  3. Rob Clark says:

    Go Matt!!!

  4. majrod says:

    Ya’ know someday we are going to fight in the woods and jungle again and folks are going to relearn that all those bungee cords on one’s helmet isn’t a good thing.

  5. jonny R says:

    That is the most useless product I have ever seen, what a snag magnet, whats wrong with hook n loop?

    • Matt says:

      Jonny, snag hazard yes I agree but aren’t rails and lights and cameras and NVD’s? Useless I’d disagree with because it provides a secondary retention option for expensive devices that may get knocked off that are only secured by Velcro. I made this product at the request of a government entity. HALO/HAHO operations dictate retention on any and all items that possibly could get jarred loose. Majrod the bungee cord is a very good thing when we fight in the jungle or woodland environment when you have a slick helmet with no cover to provide the holding of natural vegetation providing signature reduction of the helmets shape. Button holes in current and past helmet covers is technology that dates back to the late 1940’s. I feel our system provides advantages over a traditional or current style helmet cover at a fraction of the cost. We have NO intention of making a system for bump style helmets and encourage and direct anyone wanting that to contact War Sport Ind. LLC.

  6. Matt says:

    Hook and loop is not a accepted method of retention in HALO/HAHO operations. There always needs to be a secondary mode of retention. That’s another reason why we designed our system to allow full access to switches and knobs and buttons with or without gloved hands.

    • PLiner says:

      Don’t know where you got that nugget of info as I/we’ve been using hook pile (velcro) to secure strobes/chem lights,etc to Gentex and ballistic helmets for quite some time now for HALO ops. As far as strapping items to a helmet that make it more snag prone goes such as strobes/NVGs, there has always been a mitigating factor and that for the most part has been 100 mph and or paper tape over the potential snag hazard to create a smooth snag free surface. While I applaud your innovative idea and agree METT-T is a factor to consider when using this product, in my 20 years of HALO experience I cannot see how this is anything but an accident waiting to happen in a HALO/HAHO environment.

      • Matt says:

        It came from a close friend who is a HALO PM and also from a ATIC instructor

        • Matt says:

          I’m not here for a pissing contest guys I’m just explaining why I was told there was a legit need for it that’s all. The guys I made it for gave me the parameters of what they wanted it for and I made it to fill their specs.