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Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System from Black Bag Designs LLC

Monday, November 19th, 2012

The Black Bag Designs LLC Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System is a simple camouflage and helmet accessory management system which works with all popular ballistic helmet models from SDS, MSA, Ops Core, and CRYE Precision.

According to Black Bag, they have built and tested this system in real world combat conditions. It is designed to allow you complete access to all of your helmet mounted devices including strobe lights, NVG mounts, NVG battery boxes, and IR identifiers and you are able to easily access all switches and route any cabling for powered NVG mounts. What’s more, any passive IR identifiers remain visible. Additionally, you can also incorporate natural foliage using the bungee cord system. The system is compatible with all currently available helmet covers for the CRYE Airframe and Ops Core Ballistic helmets. Additionally, the system is also fully compatible with both the CRYE and Ops Core ballistic rifle front helmet plates.

The Ballistic Helmet Bungee Retention System can be ordered by emailing matt@blackbagdesignsllc.com or calling 815-252-8766. The bungees are also available through ADS and Adams Industries.