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Coming SHOT Show 2013 from Velocity Systems – Tempest Uniform System

At SHOT Show Velocity Systems and Mayflower are going to be unveiling a whole slew of new products in the Kryptek family of patterns. This won’t be just the Highlander transitional pattern you’re starting to see cropping up everywhere but the Mandrake (woodland), Nomad (desert), Typhon (night/urban) and Yeti (snow) patterns as well.

“We here at Kryptek are excited to work with the proven innovators at Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems. Their initial product launch will be displayed in the Kryptek booth at this year’s SHOT Show in booth 3453.”
-Butch Whiting, CEO Kryptek

Here you can see the pants in Mandrake from the upcoming Tempest Uniform System. I’ve been watching them refine this design over the past few months and the features are unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Their focus remains on the Warfighter as well as Law Enforcement and theirs already some serious interest in these products.


Additionally, the versatility of their offerings is really expanded thanks to the Kryptek family of camouflage patterns. Travis Rolph, President Mayflower Research and Consulting related, “The camouflage focus over the past few years has been on perfecting a single, multi-terrain pattern that provides adequate concealment over a broad range of environments. As a veteran I experienced many different battle spaces and in my opinion, purpose built, landscape specific patterns simply work better. Kryptek seems to have cracked that code.”

This sentiment is pervasive throughout the company. “I’ll never forget the first time I saw printed Kryptek fabrics, it had the ‘WOW’, said David Walsh, FNG Velocity Systems. “The impact was nothing short of amazing and I knew that our family of companies had to get involved. Velocity and Mayflower will be producing a range of integrated products in the apparel, load carriage, and armor categories.”

Look for the Tempest Uniform System as well as many other new offerings at SHOT Show 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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2 Responses to “Coming SHOT Show 2013 from Velocity Systems – Tempest Uniform System”

  1. steve says:

    knew about this for awhile =]

  2. Jon Chang says:

    Outstanding news! Tha Mayflower/Velocity guys are some of the best out there for nylon. I have high hopes for their utilities!