Dual Survival – Season 3

Watching “Dual Survival: Unbraided”, a special that introduces Cody Lundin’s new co-host Joseph Teti to the popular Discovery Channel show.

I don’t feel that he brings the same level of woodcraft to the series as we’ve seen in the past but his can-do-no-matter-what experience is a welcome addition to the show. I also appreciate his extensive tracking experience reportedly gained under the tutelage of the legendary David Scott-Donelan.

As Cody Lundin said, “This is what Dual Survival is supposed to be.”

It’s worth watching this season, and it starts now on the Discovery Channel.

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61 Responses to “Dual Survival – Season 3”

  1. Jon says:

    Crazy boar kill!!

    • Roger D. says:

      I thought it was a joke the way joe looked after he killed the boar,it was all for the camaras

    • Ron G says:

      That was insane the way JOE killed that boar! It was the most realistic kill I’ve ever seen on television. And the explanation of why JOE looked like he did totally made sense.

  2. Tracker6 says:

    Ha! Nice choice for the show.

  3. Tom says:

    better drink my own piss

  4. Iraq Ninja says:

    Joe seems to reflect the standard level of survival experience seen in our elite units- a combination of course training with deployment experience and wisdom. I think it makes a better combination for the show.

  5. Michael says:

    Saw it last night, sparks were flying from the get go!

  6. mike says:

    If going to replace Dave, I wish they would have started completely fresh and replaced Cody too. Get really tired of listening to narrator explain why he doesn’t wear shoes and long pants every single episode.

    • Mike says:

      Where is Dave?

      • Not Mke says:

        He’s on YouTube. Search for Wildernessoutfitters.

        I think what you are asking is what happened to him on the show. He apparently overstated his military background and got canned.

        I liked the hillbilly/hippy chemistry, but preferred Cody.


        • Alvin Beeman says:

          Love Cody but not to happy with Joe. Joe needs to chill and not be combative with his partner. I laude his service to our country and in military matters he is outstanding. This shoe is not military. Survival between normal everyday hikers and campers. Hope Joe can tune it down.

  7. John says:

    Great show..enjoyed the interaction between Joe and Cody. It’s going to be a great season!

  8. Big Joe says:

    It seemed to me like Joe was only concerned with doing things his way and was too eager to fight. Not liking it already.

  9. Sue says:

    Was really disappointed with the show. Love Cody. Loved Dave. Don’t love Joe so much. Arrogant and argumentative … in a bad way. Don’t think I’ll continue watching.

    • neal richards says:

      I resect joe, but i’m sorry bring back dave. Dave and cody klicked a lot better. And dave was a lot less phoney than joe killing the boar,killing the snake T ,I thought this was comedy. Give us a break.

  10. Hank Rathke says:

    Was really disappointed with the show. Love Cody. Loved Dave. Don’t love Joe so much. Arrogant and argumentative … in a bad way. Don’t think I’ll continue watching.

  11. D Hoff says:

    I agree with Sue. Joe seems to want to contest everything, which is fine, if you are always right. However, I don’t know many people who are always right. I also am not happy that all he seems to want to do is kill animals whether they are in his way or not. I suppose if all you are trained to do is kill, that’s what you do best, but I won’t be watching much if that continues. Getting rid of Cody as someone mentioned would be a mistake. The show would be worthless if that happened.

  12. DEB says:

    Does anyone know what knife Joe was carring? Come on guys it was Joes first filming, give him time and he will adjust.

  13. bwind03 says:

    I have to admit I still like the Dave & Cody pairing better than this one, but I think that Joe will work out. Definitely alot more drama starting out with these 2 than the other. It seems that Cody prefers it this way.

  14. says:

    Someone mentioned Dave over cooked his past experience. I wonder what Joe said…..hmmm!

  15. steve says:

    Cody is still a gigantic queen douche… nothin much has changed

  16. Debbie says:

    Like the new guy Joe Teti !! Watched occasionally but more interesting now !
    Keep it coming !!!

  17. andy says:

    The new guy is a tool. Kill the pig… grunt…. look around like someones coming to get you?? Really? Definately will not watch this crap

  18. Jill says:


  19. Mario says:

    Everything was cool with me until he killed the pig … I hope he doesnt over act and do stupid faces too much

  20. The new guy is a pratt, he has no on screen ability..Dual survival is dead from now on..It’s not Dual Survival without Dave, that’s like Laurel without Hardy..unthinkable.

  21. Heath says:

    I really liked Dave alot.. Who cares if he stretched his background a little .. Who hasent done that ..Dave has way more knowledge about surviving than this knew guy.. That is very apparent from the first show… And the hog killing scene almost embarrassed me it was so bad… When Dave did something he explained why and for what reason .. I bet this new guy could not start a fire with a lighter and starter log!! Really I miss Dave on the show he was concerned about Cody and there safety and they looked out for each other..Bring Dave back!!!!

    • neal richards says:

      I totaly agree with Heath. This is the Joe show. I thought this show was about too skilled people surviving and respecting each other. Joe has a my way or the highway attitude and not much respect for Cody. Bring back likeable Dave. Please

  22. Beau says:

    Joe was on screen for less than 30 seconds and I already knew that this man is an idiot. I watched the rest just to see how Cody dealt with this propaganda brain washed murderer. Joe continued to prove and deepen the assessment that this man is an idiot. Dumb enough for the government to use as a tool, just clever enough to get the job done. He obviously thinks very highly of himself. I couldn’t ever stand to have a piece of shit like Joe around me, not even for one second. What human garbage. Definitely not interested in this season.

  23. Rudy says:

    Joe killing the pig was way over the top. Come on, you would of thought he killed a grizzly. What’s up with that face expression after the kill. He’s just full of himself. Not liking the show so far.

  24. Jogjog says:

    I have a feeling they’re encouraging Joe to act up a bit, I don’t think he’s being himself. Since I understand most of season 3 has already been filmed.. i doubt he’s going to change or get a chance to alter his behavior based on viewer feedback… so I guess we’re stuck with this kind of dynamic for the rest of the season. A bit disappointing, if Joe was a bit more chilled and less combative I think he would’ve worked out really well for the show.

  25. Tabatha says:

    Loved Dave and Cody’s chemistry! Not too mushy, not hard, challenged each other respectfully. Not liking Joe so much for this type show. It’s for normal people, hikers, campers, etc who needs help with wilderness survival, not special ops tactics -he’s too argumentative and not working with Cody. Who cares if Dave “expanded” his resume, he still gave awesome tips and survival advice!! Love his down home, good ole boy attitude also!

  26. Akimofro says:

    I sure hope Joe learns to tone it down a bit. As a military man myself, I fully respect his experience and service, but I noticed him over-acting on some occasions. Like when he killed the boar.

    As he said in the show, his survival training was usually with the highest grade military equipment out there, which is cool, but most of us regular folks want to see how to do things with less, this show is about surviving when you weren’t expecting to have to do it (i.e. minimal equipment, no food, no water, etc.)

  27. aila says:

    this is probably really stupid, but I just started watching this show, did someone really crash that para-glider, leave it in the desert, was rescued, and then the two survivors were flown to the area, took parts from the para-glider to help them survive, etc…my main question, did someone really crash or was that hypothetical?

    • SSD says:

      It was hypothetical. It was used as a reason that they might be isolated in that environment and gave them a piece of equipment to scavenge from. Previous seasons had similar introductions.

  28. Melissa says:

    Joe sucks. He’s to arrogant. Bring Dave back!!!!

  29. GBlues says:

    Well, I haven’t seen tonights show, but I did see a clip of Joe killing the pig, and you know, whatever, they are going to try and make him do some sort of soldier look after killing. Big deal. Here’s the bottom line. If you’ve kept up on current events with the Cody/Dave thing. Cody’s big stink was being who you say you are 100%. Therefore, now he has a guy who really is, highspeed and low drag. I guy who want’s to get stuff done and right now. Personally I think as the season goes along, we will see things change. It’s going to be an interesting dynamic. The shows original concept was to show the viewer to very different methodologies, and ways of doing things. Now, I like the Cody/Dave thing, and I like Dave a lot, been following him for years on youtube, but Cody and Dave partnered up way to much. They did basically the exact same thing only they did it together. To be quite honest, they should have been doing things separately. As you may remember in Season 2 the narrator stated, “Dave refused to leave his partner behind and decend to the bottom.” this is the kind of stuff that doesn’t show you who’s way may have been better for a given scenario. So with that in mind your going to see a lot more head butting as they run into new and potentially more dangerous situations. Just my thoughts, but that’s I how I see it.

  30. Jason says:

    Won’t be watching Season 3! Dave represented everyday average guys with his hunting & fishing skills. We enjoyed his thoughts, ideas, values and outlook on life. We appreciate Joe’s service to his Country, but he’s not who the average everyday guy wants to connect with. You really screwed the pooch with Season 3. DAVE CANTERBURY WAS DUAL SURVIVAL you Idiots!

    Mr. Disappointed

  31. Rick says:

    Seems this show is moving in the same direction as many others. They can get better ratings from personal confrontation than from a “how to” show.

  32. Jill says:

    I just watched the second show with joe. You should have gotten rid of Cody and kept Dave!

  33. Bobby says:

    Watched a lot of the show last year.
    Really enjoyed the chemistry between Cody and Dave.
    The show clicked, moved along at a good, steady pace…. And the two guys seemed right for the kind of show it is.

    NOT diggin Joe-the-new-guy.
    When you have something that works….DON’T MESS WITH IT!
    Any fool should know that.
    And if you simply look at the input of this blog, I get about a 90% or better reading for DAVE approval, and Joe Disapproval.

    So there ya have it.
    Toss Joe, bring back Dave.
    Don’t spend a lot of time debating or thinking or considering….
    Just DO IT.

    Please don’t ruin the show by leaving Joe there.

  34. Ruckaphile says:

    I had the misfortune of “working” with Joe Teti when he was with Utah Army National Guard/19th Special Forces Group in the mid-to-late nineties. He was an unprofessional, self-promoting blowhard who was NOT a team player. Acting like a hyper-theatrical douchebag is not something that the producers/director had to goad him into; that is how he normally behaves. “Reality” TV shows love guys like him, and guys like him tend to gravitate to the reality TV arena. I won’t watch DS III simply because Teti is on it.

  35. Glenn says:

    I watched the dual survival episode last night with Joe Teti, the one where he whacked the Boar, I’ve been hunting 40 years and don’t ever remember orgasming when I’ve killed something, his weird stance, looking around etc..all I can say is bullshit.

  36. Dan says:

    I wonder where Cody goes shopping if he never wears shoes… The is no way he lives on nuts and berries every single day of his life, while sleeping in a hammock.

    I loved Seasons 1 and 2 and was so anxious to get Season 3 started, but this is beyond disappointing… That boar-noose was so fake it was almost funny. Sure he killed the thing, but I am willing to bet that was a tame boar, judging by it’s response to having it’s leg caught in a noose–didn’t jump around and try to escape, just stood there screaming.
    I respect Joe, but the acting sucks. And enough with the “with all I’ve been through” and “if you’ve seen what I’ve seen” comments, we get it–you know how to kill.

    Please bring back Dave and let this clown go train meatheads in the field somewhere.

  37. Jim says:

    I agree that Joe’s antics seem over the top at times and I tool am already tired of his past. The show continues to inform us several times during each episode of his past as well. We get!

    There has always been language that was bleeped out and my 5 year old grandson did not know what they were saying even though the rest of us did. He loves the show and remembers more the skills learned than I do, however, this year there are a lot of things said (crude) that are not bleeped and I am not sure if we can continue to watch it together.

    Wonder what Dave is doing? Did he just tire of the show or did the producers tire of Dave?

  38. FRANK says:

    joe is a joke, dave is the best. i will not watch anymore.

  39. stevet says:

    There was absolutely no reason to kill that animal for this show. If they were really starving then yes it would have been ok. The animals screams of pain and fright were more then I could bare. This show is off my list for good. I can’t get the scream of the poor animal out of my head when that fucking son of a bitch war monger asshole plunged the knife in it. He did it sloppy and you could hear the animals scream change in complete pain. I would love to do this to this guy and kill him slow. I really believe that humans are the worst maggots to walk this earth. This guy does not belong in public and now our kids see this shit too.
    If you think this was an ok kill then I hope you and your children die a horrible death slowly at the hands of a wild animal. FUCK YOU HUMAN RACE

  40. stevet says:

    There was absolutely no reason to kill that animal for this show. If they were really starving then yes it would have been ok. The animals screams of pain and fright were more then I could bare. This show is off my list for good. I can’t get the scream of the poor animal out of my head when that fucking son of a bitch war monger asshole plunged the knife in it. He did it sloppy and you could hear the animals scream change in complete pain. I would love to do this to this guy and kill him slow. I really believe that humans are the worst maggots to walk this earth. This guy does not belong in public and now our kids see this shit too.
    If you think this was an ok kill then I hope you and your children die a horrible death slowly at the hands of a wild animal.

    • Michael says:

      I don’t know if you know this but Hawaii has only one native land mammal, the Hawaiian Hoary Bat. In addition all other mammals where brought there by humans. The wild boars (pigs) are destroying the “native ecosystems by devouring the vegetation, trampling the undergrowth, compacting the soil, and uprooting the tender shoots of growing plants.” (

      Thought you should know that.

  41. Joey says:

    It wouldn’t have been a show with out Joe killing the boar. Who wants to watch two guys eating worms? Everything was staged and acted out anyway! Probably only a mile or two to get to the coast. The only exciting part of the show was the staged boar kill!

  42. Steve says:

    Bring back Dave. Nothing personal against Joe, but the show is not the same with out Dave. If you want to have Joe guest star now and then, fine, but the show should be centered around Dave and Cody.

  43. Steve says:

    Now that I have read the complete story about Dave. I retract my last statement. I have no way of knowing for sure that everything I read about Dave is true, but if it is, I think it does hurt his credibility. I don’t know why people need to embellish on things. I say we all need to give the new co-star Joe a chance. Nobody likes change after we have been a show for awhile and get used to the stars, but we need to do our best to try for the shows sake.

  44. Michael says:

    I love dual survivor or any survival show for that matter. So I am excited about the new season and I have not been disappointed. For those of you out there that are bashing Joe for grunting after killing the boar lets see you kill a boar alone for the first time. The dude never did that before, if that was me I know my my heart would be pumping out of my chest. The same goes for the rattle snake and yes I would of killed the rattle snake since they are considered a pest and you don’t need a license to kill the snake especially if you are camping in the area. The most unique aspect of this season is the role reversal you are seeing where Joe is more like the Cody of season 1 & 2. I am happy with season 3 please keep making shows like this.

  45. Cheryl says:

    Miss Dave!!! Like Joe but he needs to compromise some like Dave did, not just his way all the time. Love the show!!!

  46. Rob says:

    I was starting to like the new guy. But the boar kill was too much. Whoever edited that scene and held the shot where he made that “Apocalypse Now” crazy stance, really made this guy look super weird and I wouldn’t want to be near this guy when I was sleeping. We all know that this is not a real survival situation — killing the boar wasn’t neccessary. The blood and guts and screams was gratuitous and has turned me off from ever watching the show again. Killing a snake is one thing, but this was way over the top and I don’t think that kind of unneccesary violence is entertaining nor instructive. Too bad. I had really liked watching the show and the banter between the different styles.

  47. Dude says:

    Season 3 is jumping the shark. First, it is completely fake. I mean, it may always have been fake, but at least in the first 2 seasons they hid it from you pretty good. In season 3 we have Joe “finding” a spear in the woods, then “finding” a nice roll of chicken wire. He sets a ridiculous trap with it and miraculously a pig wanders into it! Then in the third episode Joe rappels off a cliff with some kind of mystery harness built into his pants!

    I knew the guy was a joke to begin with when he decided to climb 3000 feet in a desert to gather ice. Hey Joe, ice melts and the water runs down hill, even in deserts! Then he made a big stink that he and Cody haul a small bundle of firewood that could only have amounted to a few hundred btu in total. He is the kind of guy I would leave the first chance I got if I was stuck with him in the woods.

  48. deb says:

    this is main stream tv, discovery has travelled so far from fact based series they should be called disscify. All of the shows are staged, its all about ratings. now if you think back to the first every ep of dual survival Dave was all over the hippie crap ect of cody’s way of life. it took time to to get comfortable with a person. Dave also had the advantage of being use to talking and being around cameras from his youtube channel. its early days with a new guy who hasn’t been filmed before, he said himself the army set you up for success not failure so lacks actual experience in primitive skills. Cody has years of primitive survival teaching but he has always been passive in his approach ie not trapping ect so its up to Joe to hunt anyway they direct him. give it time and see how it goes and go back to youtube to see real wilderness survival videos.