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RMJ Tactical Launches New Website


There’s an interesting story behind RMJ Tactical’s new website and it reflects how that company is run. They are people oriented and it shows when you meet them. Now, they’ve shown me a bit more of that in the development of tis website.

Alan Campbell is building the website for them. Apparently, he started working on it a little over a year ago, but before he was halfway complete, he was diagnosed with a tough strain of cancer. I’m happy to report that after months of radiation and chemotherapy he’s back at it and getting better every day. Although, he says its going to take him a little while longer to get the site exactly the way they want it. The point is, RMJ stuck by Alan in this. They could have gone a different direction and no one would have batted an eye, but they worked with the man to see it through.

The new site does the RMJ Tactical line of full tang tomahawks justice. It looks better, is easy to navigate, and gives you some cool insight into the brand. Check it out.



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  1. daggert says:

    S7 is the shiz