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North Eastern Arms Introduces Compact Carbine Stock

North Eastern Arms is a firearms manufacturer in Canada is set to release the new Compact Carbine Stock. It’s the first drop-in stock system for the AR for direct impingement guns that significantly reduces the length. Their 7.5” PDW AR is almost 2” shorter than a MP5A5 collapsed to give you some idea of how short it is.


Initially, it will be available to Law Enforcement and military only to start due to demand. Unfortunately, the company reps weren’t able to go into the internal mechanism of operation on this until it’s officially released on display at IWA 2013 in Germany, but they did say that it is a complete drop-in unit, and significantly improves the reliability of the return system of the AR design.

North Eastern Arms Combat Carbine Stock by solsys



11 Responses to “North Eastern Arms Introduces Compact Carbine Stock”

  1. Mike Ried says:

    Yes please.

  2. Stephen Pinkham says:

    Here’s all my money..

  3. TV-PressPass says:

    If this thing ever see’s the light of day, it will be desired by tacticool operators everywhere. And hopefully a few professionals too.

  4. Ed says:

    Take my money!

  5. .308 says:

    Great news, Jeff is an awesome dude.. NEA is a company to watch. Always good to see a Canadian company break out of the myopic, unimaginative sludge that is the Canadian defense industry.

  6. i need this in my life says:

    I have been dreaming of the day this comes to life…. I’m a handicapped 2a enthusiasts and the one of the problems I face is to be able to shoulder mine even with various stocks fully collapsed comfortably for sustained time.

  7. Firewalker says:

    I’m happy for this company to finally be making it to SSD, I’ve been following them for a bit and love what they do. As a Canadian, it’s hard to buy firearms, even harder still is to keep my money in country. I want this badly lol.

  8. Trajan says:

    Looks awesome, but how would one mount a sling?

    • Joe says:

      Loop around one of the two support bars perhaps?

      • Mike Ried says:

        Looks like you could put one of those Magpul bottom single point sling plates on it. Hopefully they just decide to put a QD point right in the unit.

  9. Alex says:

    I hope it does run into patent issues with the short buffer tube designs from the Colt SCW stock that was said to be close to making it on to civilian rifles a few years back.