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North Eastern Arms Introduces Compact Carbine Stock

Friday, January 11th, 2013

North Eastern Arms is a firearms manufacturer in Canada is set to release the new Compact Carbine Stock. It’s the first drop-in stock system for the AR for direct impingement guns that significantly reduces the length. Their 7.5” PDW AR is almost 2” shorter than a MP5A5 collapsed to give you some idea of how short it is.


Initially, it will be available to Law Enforcement and military only to start due to demand. Unfortunately, the company reps weren’t able to go into the internal mechanism of operation on this until it’s officially released on display at IWA 2013 in Germany, but they did say that it is a complete drop-in unit, and significantly improves the reliability of the return system of the AR design.

North Eastern Arms Combat Carbine Stock by solsys