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SHOT Show – Mystery Ranch

Think of the new ASAP (left) from Mystery Ranch as a one day assault pack. Here you can see how it compares to its big brother, the 3-day assault. It’s a narrow design that isn’t any wider than your back.


What’s more, in addition to the standard frame, you can attach it directly to the rear of your armor carrier with quick attach buckles offering 1100 cu in of carrying capacity to your fighting load.


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6 Responses to “SHOT Show – Mystery Ranch”

  1. RC says:

    What is the cu in? Does it have the same internal pocket configuration as the 3DAP? Thanks!

    • bob says:

      I played with a prototype at the factory. The interior has mesh zippered pockets, and one on the lid if I recall. This one is on my short list, hope to see it released soon.

  2. Rob K says:

    Is it fair to say this is similar is size to the old USMC (Eagle) FSBE patrol pack? If so, I might have just found my next pack..

  3. Ranch hand says:

    The ASAP is just over 1000 cu inches which is about half the size of the 3 Day Assault. It uses the Spadelock system inside, so adding a laptop, med gear or a radio is easy. There’s also a couple water bladder pouches inside. It’s a sexy bag.

  4. Aaron says:

    I’ve been asking them about this…but I didn’t call when they told me to because right now I don’t need it.

  5. arlen texas says:

    if you want one right away chcek out the hitchiker under accessories on the websiet. very similar.