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CORTAC And Survival Armor Join Forces to Bring the CTAV to Body Armor

You may have seen the ADS video on this lashup during SHOT Show. Basically, what’s happening is that CTAV maker CORTAC and Survival Armor have entered into an exclusive agreement to integrate the Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest (CTAV) panels into Survival Armor’s body armor carriers. CTAV is an “Advanced Impact Resistance Technology creates a “behind armor thermoregulated microclimate [that] promotes convection while vented panels improve heat dissipation.”

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner in this endeavor than Survival,” said Jeremy Harrell, President of CORTAC. “They are well known for ground-breaking advances in the industry, so teaming up with us to integrate the CTAV into their armor is the latest in a long list of pioneering efforts on their part and we’re pleased to be working with them.”

Until now, the CTAV has only been available as an after-market accessory purchase to be affixed onto armor carriers. By integrating the CTAV panels into armor carrier systems, CORTAC claims that users can have a CTAV experience with greater seamlessness and ease, while enjoying the strength and protection of Survival’s body armor.

“CORTAC and their CTAV product obviously took the industry by storm when it launched early last year and we immediately realized the game-changing impact they were making,” said Kurt Osborne, Vice President of Survival Armor. “We’re proud to be working with the folks at CORTAC and we appreciate their partnership.

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2 Responses to “CORTAC And Survival Armor Join Forces to Bring the CTAV to Body Armor”

  1. Angry Misha says:

    I’m not gonna be a troll because I KNOW how the admin feels about it. All I’m gonna say in regards to the performance of the “cooling channels” is: “Have you ever seen a fat person sit on a lawn chair?”

  2. bulldog 76 says:

    seems greek to me ….. if you got the joke good if you didnt well ……..