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CORTAC Announces Rampart International As Exclusive Canadian Distributor

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – CORTAC is excited to announce that they have reached an agreement with Rampart International for the exclusive distribution of CTAV Retrofit Kit™ and CTAV Shirt Carrier System (SCS)™ in Canada. Rampart has all CORTAC products in stock and available for immediate sale to all military and law enforcement customers as well as supporting select retailers across Canada.

CORTAC has experienced limited success in selling into the Canadian market, but does have key provincial customers that Rampart will continue to support. “Rampart is committed to supporting the end-users of operational equipment and has earned their trust. We are very proud to have the CORTAC brand being represented by Rampart and we are confident that Mike Klein and his team will generate immediate CTAV sales,” said Jeremy Harrell, President of CORTAC.

Mike Klein, President of Rampart International adds, “We are very excited about our new relationship with CORTAC. The CTAV™ integrates seamlessly into our existing offering of the world’s finest operational equipment and provides a cost-effective solution to improving the comfort of those wearing body armor. Rampart is looking forward to working closely with CORTAC and being in a position to conveniently offer all CORTAC products to Canadian end users.”

CORTAC Signs Exclusive Partnership With The Safariland Group

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

I have been talking to the CORTAC guys for a while now and this is pretty big news for them. They’ve got an interesting technology and I can’t wait to see what Safariland has in store for their system.


May 14, 2014 – HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – CORTAC announces they have secured an exclusive distribution and OEM integration agreement with The Safariland Group, the manufacturers of Second Chance®, ABA® and Protech Tactical® brands of body armor. The agreement grants The Safariland Group exclusive CTAV OEM integration into armor carrier systems and CTAV Retrofit Kit™ and Shirt Carrier System (SCS)™ distribution rights for the United States Law Enforcement market, both state and local.

The CTAV combines the power of Advanced Impact Resistance technology (AIR)™ and the science of EverDryTM to significantly enhance the comfort of wearing concealable vests, outer vest carriers and tactical body armor, while also providing an additional layer of protection from ballistic and non-ballistic blunt trauma.

CTAV in action

“The CTAV is a proven technology that will have a huge impact in the body armor market. CORTAC has solved the age-old problem of excessive body heat being trapped between armor and the body. Officers are often in adverse conditions such as extreme heat so the CTAV really is a game changer when it comes to comfort. We are very excited to partner with CORTAC to offer this technology to our customers,” said Todd Mackler, The Safariland Group Vice President of Armor.

“We are excited that The Safariland Group will be co-branding and providing sales and distribution for the United States Law Enforcement sector,” said Mike Letterman, CEO of CORTAC. “Their distribution system, combined with our CTAV product line, significantly strengthens our mutual ability to put the CTAV into the hands of law enforcement and corrections personnel, where it is greatly needed.” Letterman also added, “This paves the way for The Safariland Group and CORTAC to work closely on other military and international projects.”

Gen II CTAV Panels from CORTAC

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

We recently told you about CORTAC and Survival Armor teaming up to integrate Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest (CTAV) panels into Survival Armor’s products.



In the previous article the photo we showed depicted the Generation I CTAV panels. Here, you can see the Gen II panels.

CORTAC And Survival Armor Join Forces to Bring the CTAV to Body Armor

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

You may have seen the ADS video on this lashup during SHOT Show. Basically, what’s happening is that CTAV maker CORTAC and Survival Armor have entered into an exclusive agreement to integrate the Cooling and Trauma Attenuating Vest (CTAV) panels into Survival Armor’s body armor carriers. CTAV is an “Advanced Impact Resistance Technology creates a “behind armor thermoregulated microclimate [that] promotes convection while vented panels improve heat dissipation.”

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner in this endeavor than Survival,” said Jeremy Harrell, President of CORTAC. “They are well known for ground-breaking advances in the industry, so teaming up with us to integrate the CTAV into their armor is the latest in a long list of pioneering efforts on their part and we’re pleased to be working with them.”

Until now, the CTAV has only been available as an after-market accessory purchase to be affixed onto armor carriers. By integrating the CTAV panels into armor carrier systems, CORTAC claims that users can have a CTAV experience with greater seamlessness and ease, while enjoying the strength and protection of Survival’s body armor.

“CORTAC and their CTAV product obviously took the industry by storm when it launched early last year and we immediately realized the game-changing impact they were making,” said Kurt Osborne, Vice President of Survival Armor. “We’re proud to be working with the folks at CORTAC and we appreciate their partnership.


Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Our friends at BOLO Report published an article on the CORTAC CTAV. The Advanced Impact Resistance Technology creates a “behind armor thermoregulated microclimate [that] promotes convection while vented panels improve heat dissipation.”

Basically, you attach it to your existing armor to offer thermo regulation and mitigate blunt force trauma.