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First Light USA’s Tomahawk Tactical Flashlights

I’ve been a big fan of Tomahawk Tactical Flashlights for years now. Made by First Light USA, the style is unique. Its angle head design is optimized for a fist-style grip. Relying on LED lights, the Tomahawk offers versions in Red/Green (for blood-highlighting), Red, Blue, Red/Blue, Yellow-Green. The Red/Green mix is particularly interesting. Blood is a tough material to see under colored lights and medics were having a heck of a time differentiating blood and oil in night time IED incidents. For example, red light makes blood all but disappear and blue light turns blood black making it indistinguishable from oil. First Light worked on the issue and developed a great combination. Additionally, First Light offers the Tomahawk Task Light attachment for medics that can be configured as a Blue light for Fluorescein eye stain tests or UV light fluoresce certain fungal and bacterial infections.

Held at the ready, the buttons are within easy reach of your thumb and include momentary on/off, on/off and strobe settings. Using two CR123A batteries you should expect to get about 2 hours (highest setting) and 60 hours (lowest setting) for white light.

To learn more about purchasing Tomahawk Tactical Flashlights for your agency or unit visit www.adsinc.com/blog/products/tomahawk-flashlights-hands-free-lighting

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One Response to “First Light USA’s Tomahawk Tactical Flashlights”

  1. Bill says:

    The switches may be in easy reach of my thumb, but I’m not smart enough to get it to do exactly what I want, exactly when I want it do it. Mine seems to have the worst parasitic drain, along with the Liberator, of any light I own.