Haku – The New SSE Rope Bag from Arc’teryx


The guys from Arc’teryx LEAF showed me the new Haku Rope Bag at OR Winter Market. When John Faherty demonstrated it, the Haku certainly lived up to its name, the Hawaiian word for ‘invention.’ Sure, it made for ropes, but once you see the demonstration in this video, you’re going to come up with loads of other uses, including SSE. Just lay it out, the bright yellow color offering excellent contracts from the ground, and throw everything you find onto the bag’s tarp. Then grab the four corners of the tarp, gibe it a shake and everything slides right into the bag. Brilliant! What’s more, there is a simple strap for hasty carry or you can take an extra few seconds and compress the load.


One Response to “Haku – The New SSE Rope Bag from Arc’teryx”

  1. Austin says:

    This is award winning why? A built in bucket tarp has been industry standard for quite a few years. This bag is smaller than it’s competitors – I had real trouble fitting a 60m rope uncoiled in it – and is consequently less functional unless you only plan on climbing in a gym. I can see how it’d be great for SSE because of it’s size and color, but there are much better (and cheaper) options if you’re actually a climber.