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Harris Situational Awareness Video Receiver

Harris_SAVRAnalog and ROVER format friendly, the Situational Awareness Video Receiver (SAVR) from Harris is a portable, handheld ISR video receiver. It gives you access to over 95% of fielded downlinks from manned and unmanned secure air assets. In addition to acting as a stand-alone, handheld video receiver, the SAVR is compatible with other Harris multiband radios such as the AN/PRC-152A and the AN/PRC-117G. The 7800T can also inject streaming video into a tactical network. Additionally, it offers the JTRS compliant SCA 2.2 operating environment that keeps track emerging digital data link (DDL) and encryption standards through software-only upgrades. Planned upgrades include digital waveforms, streaming MPEG-4/H.264 over RNDIS USB Video, metadata output in CoT format and other useful visual augmentation of video feeds.


To learn more, visit www.adsinc.com/blog/products/harris-savr-is-a-portable-handheld-isr-video-receiver-for-the-dismounted-warfighter.

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6 Responses to “Harris Situational Awareness Video Receiver”

  1. ME says:

    We tested these at 4/101 prior to our last deployment. They actually work pretty well, but the big problem they had then was that you could not see any of the video telemetry, but I guess it says that’s an upgrade still… Also, the viewpieces were prone to have issues.

  2. JMM says:

    Six15 Technologies manufactures a head mounted display, the Tac Eye 2.0, which functions better than any other HMD. It is compatible with all full motion video systems, including the SAVR.

  3. Austin says:

    So it doesn’t pick up MPEG-4 or H.264 yet? How is this useful? These formats are what all legacy ROVER and CDL waveforms encode video in. I’ll stick with proven L-3 Tactical ROVER and ROVER 5.

    • Scout says:

      @Austin – L3? Are you kidding? The SAVR is a Harris product and they have the best customer service I have exerpienced. The L-3 Tactical Rover is junk and the ROVER 5 needs a tank to carry it in. We “tried” to use the L-3 Tactical Rover and it fell apart on us during light mission usage. The 7800T is in use in Afghanistan for a reason. I’ll take the SAVR over the L-3 ROVER any day!

      • Austin says:

        I never had an issue with the Tac-ROVER on multiple deployments. Sad to hear it’s gotten such a bad reputation. I agree that the R5 is ridiculously big, and battery sucks. However, the fact that they can both handle digital waveforms and encryption outweighs the shortcomings for me. Analog is going away very fast and if the SAVR can’t keep up with CDL (Harris spent ~$75 MILLION trying develop functionality and hasn’t been able to yet) and other gov owned digital formats, it will get dropped in favor of emerging tech.

        • Scout says:

          @ Austin – You said it yourself, “Gov’t owned Waveforms”. L3’s ROVER is Program of Record…so they get “Gov’t Owned Waveforms” quicker than any vendor.

          Besides, the 7800T supports H.264 for SUAS DDL, Legacy Rover is analog/NTSC.