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Army Charging Ahead With M4 PIP

If the recent testimony by Ms. Lynne M. Halbrooks, Principal Deputy Inspector General, Department of Defense Inspector General before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform discussing issues with the US Army’s Individual Carbine program wasn’t enough to make you question the future of that program, the Army has released or updated several solicitation actions within the last week regarding the M4 Carbine Product Improvement Program including work on an improved bolt, heavy replacement barrel and Fire Control Selector Assembly.

The Dual Path strategy hedges the Army’s bets on a new rifle by improving the carbines they’ve already invested in while simultaneously searching for a replacement.

Recent FBO postings include:
M4 Product Improvement Program (PIP)-Bolt
M4 Replacement Barrel and Front Sight Assembly ( Heavy Variant )
M4 Carbine Product Improvement Program (PIP) Fire Control Selector Assembly

2 Responses to “Army Charging Ahead With M4 PIP”

  1. Doc says:

    So ok good, new weapon, how about a camouflage that doesn’t suck and body armor that doesn’t weigh us down. The M4 works fine when maintained properly, don’t get me wrong a new weapon would be nice, but the IOTV/SPCS and UPC are horrid, please for the love of god, get us a scalable plate carrier that works, and a camouflage that hides us.

  2. Chris says:

    Looks like obsolete Colt’s junk stays in for another ten years due to bid rigging. Everyone but America has replaced the DI pos with better guns.